Max Louis

NACSO Director: Ms. Maxi Pia Louis

My background is tourism, and as a child I wanted to travel the world, meet people and share cultural experiences. Today I share these experiences all over the world and learn so much from people in the conservation and tourism industry. I’m passionate about working with communities in rural areas — 80% of land in Africa is home to wildlife, natural resource users and poor communities that cannot be ignored by our decision-makers. Partnerships between Tourism and Conservation have made significant changes in rural Namibia, and I believe they can be used as one of the tools to address issues of development in Africa. I have dedicated myself to the Community Based Natural Resources Management Programme for the last 15 years in government and non-government agencies.

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Rosalia Iileka

Natural Resources Working Group Co-ordinator: Rosalia Ileka

Rosalia joined NACSO in 2017 as a Sustainable Wildlife Utilization Officer and is now the Coordinator of the Natural Resource Working Group. She has a background in natural resource management, community engagement, and project management. She enjoys traveling and working with communities to ensure that they conserve and receive benefits from their natural resources.

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NRWG Conservation Support Technician: Dave Ward

Dave Ward is NACSO's Conservation Support Technician.

Dave is rarely in the office and usually in the field assisting conservancies to monitor wildlife, human-wildlife conflict issues, and to combat poaching. Seen here with the Event Book, Dave instructs conservancy game guards on how to use this valuable monitoring tool which he has developed with the NRWG over the years.

Richard Diggle

Business, Enterprise and Livelihoods Working Group Co-ordinator: Richard Diggle

Richard is a Business and CBNRM specialist at World Wildlife Fund in Namibia.

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Hilma Angula

Institutional Development Working Group Co-ordinator: Hilma Angula

Hilma Angula first joined NACSO as a Conservation Leadership Programme intern in 2014, working with the Natural Resources Working Group, often camping in the bush, while working closely with communities. She later became a Community Liaison Officer under the same department, where she spent time engaging with communities, assisting them with their adaptive management plan - a feedback tool aimed at helping communities to manage their natural resources better. She holds a Master’s degree in Conservation Leadership from Cambridge University and is now the Institutional Development Working Group Coordinator

Hilma is passionate about community conservation and natural resource management initiatives that prioritize partnerships and collaboration, to ensure improved governance and promote adaptive management. Her areas of expertise include stakeholder engagement, community outreach, youth mobilization and natural resource monitoring.

She takes pride in her work and promises to deliver to the best of her ability in her new role.

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GIS manager: Katharina Dierkes

Katharina has a Masters-level degree in Geography from the University of Regensburg in Germany, and fifteen years experience as a consultant in the fields of GIS. Her experience has embraced spatial analysis and planning, with particular reference to hydrogeological and natural resources, but also to water supply infrastructure and town planning. Her work for engineers and town & regional planners as well as for a wide range of government, private, NGO and donor clients, has enabled her to offer specialised services in the collection and management of spatial information and its interpretation, GIS applications and GIS data management. Katharina joined NACSO and the Natural Resource Working Group as a consultant in October 2014.

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Herman Aindongo

Adaptive Management Officer: Herman Aindongo

Herman Aindongo comes from Omusati region in northern Namibia. He has a Honours degree in Natural Resources Management and Nature Conservation from the Namibian University of Science and Technology and is currently persuing a Masters from the same institution. Herman is genuinely passionate about nature, especially the vast untouched Namibian landscapes and enjoys working with people. He started off at NACSO in 2017 as an intern for the Donald Hamer Conservation Leadership Programme and he is now NACSO's Adaptive Management Officer. He strives for the success of conservation in Namibia and to improve livelihoods of rural Namibians.

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Mighty Ugwanga

Donald Hamer Conservation Leadership Programme Intern: Mighty Ugwanga

Mighty Ugwanga comes from Omusati region in north central Namibia. She came to Windhoek in 2011 to study Tourism Management at the University of Namibia, with the hope of satisfying her childhood hobby of travelling. As she got acquainted with the subject she realised that tourism was more complex than just travelling contributed to the economy and dealt with sustainability. As she joins the Donald Hammer Conservation Leadership Programme at NACSO, Mighty looks forward to learning more about the role of tourism in conservation. During the two-year internship, she would love to network and build strong relationships with leaders in the conservation programme, exchange knowledge on improving existing conservation practices in Namibia, and pass on what she has learnt to future generations.


Sigrid Nyambe

Donald Hamer Conservation Leadership Programme Intern: Sigrid Nyambe

Sigrid Nyambe is a young and enthusiastic lady from the Zambezi region. She has an Honours Degree in Land Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Regional and Rural Development which she obtained from the Namibia University of Science and Technology. She is passionate about rural development with a key focus on people centered development, which allows communities to be able to define their own development by utilizing resources within their conservancies in a sustainable manner. During the internship period, Sigrid is keen on learning about the role of community tourism in promoting rural development and looks forward to expanding her network and applying her theoretical knowledge practically.


Albertina Fillipus

Donald Hamer Conservation Leadership Programme Intern: Albertina Fillipus

Albertina Fillipus is a detail-oriented young conservation enthusiast from Ohangwena Region. She holds a Bachelor, Honours, and Master’s Degrees in Natural Resources Management and also currently pursuing her in the same field from the Namibia University of Science and Technology. She chose this field of study because of her love for exploring nature and desire to understanding the complexity of ecology, as well as contributing to the sustainability of our natural resources. Her prime goal is to become a reliable expert in the field of natural resources management. Albertina is passionate about learning, travelling, photographing landscapes, plants and animals. One of her goals is to inspire other young people and raise awareness about Namibia’s wildlife resources. She believes that the CLP internship will expose her to a lucrative working environment that will help her put her academic knowledge to practical use and enrich her CBNRM knowledge. Her ability to seize every possible opportunity and gather hands-on experience in natural resources management reflects her commitment to conservation.


Sunnypo Imalwa

Donald Hamer Conservation Leadership Programme Intern: Sunnypo Imalwa

Born and raised in Windhoek, Sunnypo Imalwa is a fervent individual who holds an Honours Degree in Tourism Management (Heritage Studies) obtained from the University of Namibia.   She is currently studying for her Masters in Marketing at the Namibia University of Science and technology and volunteering with TOSCO (Tourism Supporting Conservation) Trust.  Sunnypo has a huge passion for travelling to places dominated by nature and is an avid animal lover.  She chose to further her studies in Marketing to integrate it with the field of tourism and to develop a broader knowledge horizon.  Her goals and aspirations are directed towards knowledge growth, travelling, and engaging in constant research of conservation especially in tourism.  She aspires to become a key role player in conservation and environmental awareness.  After completing the CLP program she hopes and strives to gain a greater insight into conservation; to create a network of contacts with different stakeholders; and to develop communication skills which she can match with her current qualification that she is pursuing. 


Milton Mushindi

Donald Hamer Conservation Leadership Programme Intern: Milton Mushindi

Milton Mushindi has an Honours Degree in Animal science which he obtained in 2018 from the University of Namibia. He is from the Kunene region and is passionate about animals, travelling and exploring the beautiful Namibia and interacting with its diverse ethnic groups. During the Donald Hamer Conservation Leadership Programme, he is keen on learning more about conservancies and working with rural communities in helping conserve wildlife.