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The training manuals listed here were produced under MCA Namibia funding under the activity "Develop the capacity of communal conservancies to attract investments in ecotourism and capture a greater share of the revenue generated by tourism in Namibia".

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1.01 Constitution Development and Revision

1.02 AGM Management

1.03 Management Committee Training

1.04 Stakeholder Communication and Relationship Management

1.05 Social and Gender Awareness

1.06 Public Speaking and Presentation

1.07 Policy and Legislation

1.08 Financial Management

1.09 Distribution Planning and Benefit Sharing

1.10 Conservancy Management Plan Development

1.11 Staff Management

1.12 Project Management

2.00a Basic Business

2.00b Tourism Awareness

2.01 Joint Venture Tourism Development

2.02 Tourism Enterprise and Products

3.01 Event Book System

3.02 Game Count

3.03 Game Value

3.04 Quota Setting

3.05 Game Utilisation

3.06 Human Wildlife Conflict

3.07 Management Planning and Zoning

3.08 Wildlife Biology and Behaviour

3.09 Law Enforcement

3.10 Natural Resource Management

3.6 Human Wildlife Conflict (HWC) Management