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The Orange River – Karoo Conservation Area (ORKCA)


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About ORCKA:  

ORKCA is a Namibian non-profit management organisation, supporting a Target Conservation Area (CA) comprising an initial 160,000 hectares of stunning wilderness in southern Namibia with a mission to ecologically restore and rewild the wider Orange River Karoo ecosystem. ORKCA’s aim is to work in partnerships with landowners in the Target Conservation Area for restoration and conservation, by providing critical habitat for endangered, rare, and unique species. Its vision is a vast connected and rewilded conservation landscape representative of the unique Orange River – Karoo ecosystem with free roaming wildlife that benefits all stakeholders, with a specific focus on local landowners and neighbouring communities.

Overview of the Position:
  • Purpose: The purpose of the position is to contribute towards ORKCA’s strategic objectives by planning, leading, organising and coordinating organisational financial, administrative, legal secretarial and human resource support services. The MFA is responsible for ensuring productive and efficient support to the target conservation area through financial and administrative management support services, so that agreed landscape level conservation impacts are achieved.
  •  Location & Tenure: The role of the Manager Finance & Administration is a fulltime permanent position, based in Windhoek with occasional visits to the target conservation area (Karasburg and the surrounding areas).
Primary Responsibilities:
  • Provide financial support services, making investments, and managing annual budgets, 
  • Perform asset risk management and provide regional administrative and secretarial services,
  • Providing HR services by ensuring appropriate governance, compliance, guidance and support
  • Regularly compiling donor and field reports and ensuring strict donor and stakeholder compliance, 
  • Perform prudent financial management by ensuring compliance with Financial Policy and Procedures, 
  • Perform Grants management by ensuring diligent allocation of expenditures, management of donor funds, 
  • Draft and update monthly and annual financial reports and complete records in preparation of annual audits etc, 
  • Ensuring good corporate governance through general practice, statutory compliance, and legal secretarial services, 
  • Implementing, and maintaining appropriate financial management systems by undertaking financial modelling, and
  •  Conduct performance management through regular meetings, performance appraisals, and staff capacity building.
  Reporting Line: 
  • The MFA effectively reports to the Chief Operations Officer (COO), but collaborates closely with the CEO and Head of Innovation and Strategy. The position is also responsible to supervise the Administrator based in Karasburg, and is required to foster and maintain good relations with donors and other external stakeholders.

    Requirements for the role:
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and/or Finance with ten (10) years’ relevant work experience in CBNRM, and
  • Strong organisational and financial management skills at supervisory or management level.
   Application Process:
  • Interested and suitably qualified persons are encouraged to visit our website at orkca.org for more information. Kindly send a Cover letter, CV and supporting documents to recruitment@spiral-limited.com with “MANAGER: FINANCE & ADMIN” in the subject line. The remuneration package will be based on qualifications and experience.

    For enquiries contact: Ms. Hulda Pokolo 

    Applications close on Friday 24th May 2024at 16:30 Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview

Recent Opportunities



Institutional Development Working Group (IDWG) Co-ordinator

Closing date:

The IDWG is a platform for community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) support organisations and government technical staff, responsible for supporting institutional development and governance in community-based organisations such as conservancies, community forests and fisheries reserves, to share experiences, approaches, methodologies and materials. The IDWG is a hub for sharing and strengthening institutional and governance issues in community-based organisations (CBO) and also acts as a forum for discussion and debate on institutional development issues.

Job Description:
• Ensure that the IDWG provides high level governance support to NACSO members and partners, in accordance with the IDWG Terms of Reference.
• Facilitate learning and sharing around key institutional issues in conservancies, community forests and fisheries reserves.
• Identify and facilitate strategic capacity building support to NACSO members and partners. Such capacity building support shall include, but not be limited to facilitating skills development efforts, study visits, etc.
• Convene regular working group meetings for sharing experiences.
• Provide leadership and ensure that NACSO members are engaged and informed of current debates and discussions around governance in the broader CBNRM programme. 

•Identify and commission appropriate research activities aimed at improving governance within the CBO’s and support organisations
• Work closely with the MEFT CBNRM Unit in facilitating the implementation of SOPs and related instruments.
• Create a platform to scale up experiences from main projects.
• Coordinate funding support to expand impact.
• Provide technical support and capacity building on governance.
• Maintain conservancy governance reports and documents and regularly update them.
• Coordinate with MEFT in facilitating mechanisms that will ensure timely data collection, documentation, maintenance and communication on the state of governance in CBOs.
• Assist with the monitor including setting targets and meeting deliverables.
• Serve as the link between field partners and the MEFT CBNRM Committee.
• Lead resource mobilization in consultation with the Working Group Members and NACSO leadership and maintain linkages with other Working Groups.

The applicant should meet the following requirements:
• Minimum master’s degree in integrated social and/or natural science disciplines.
• Minimum five to ten years of experience in project management, reporting and financial management.
• Excellent knowledge and understanding of CBNRM.
• Understanding and application of governance issues within community-based organizations (conservancies, community forests and fisheries reserves).

Excellent command of English, including communication, writing and reporting skills.
• Namibian citizenship or permanent residence.
• Ability to undertake fieldwork.
• Driver's licence (non-negotiable) and ability to drive a 4x4 vehicle.
• Namibian citizenship or work permit holder.

Other Skills and Competencies:
• Excellent training and facilitation skills.
• Excellent writing and communication skills.
• Excellent proposal writing and fundraising skills.
• Strong analytical skills.
• Excellent computer skills.
• Candidate must be mature and able to work independently with little supervision.
• Candidate must be a team player and able to promote and maintain active team spirit.

Duty Station: The successful candidates will be based in Windhoek, with a significant amount of travel time in the field.
All applications should be supported with certified documents. Any qualifications obtained outside of Namibia should have an evaluation report from NQA.
Applications should be emailed to applications@nacso.org.na or dropped at the NACSO offices, 7 Rossini Street, Windhoek West.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted, kindly take note that no applications will be returned.


Natural Resources Management Working Group (NRWG) Co-ordinator

Closing date:

The Natural Resources Working Group is a voluntary association of natural resource specialists from NGOs and government ministries that work collectively to support conservancies and improve natural resource management in Namibia. The NRWG’s main activity is supporting monitoring and adaptive natural resources management in communal conservancies. In addition, the NRWG supports natural resources management activities, communication, coordination, utilisation and management planning, as well as human resource development, and mapping and information science.

Job Description:
• Act as the main contact point for the Natural Resource Working Group;
• Coordinate the annual workplan of the NRWG and facilitate and manage the budget;
• Manage contracts for the NRWG, including short-term consultants;
• Implement and manage the NRWG business plan with a particular focus on sustainable financing;
• Manage the Wildlife Utilization Component of the NRWG;
• Facilitate data collection and maintenance, technical reporting and materials production for the NRWG; and
• Monitor and identify threats at all levels in the CBNRM programme and proactively work towards eliminating or reducing these.

The applicant should meet the following requirements:
• Minimum Master's degree in Natural Resource Management / Environmental Management /CBNRM or a related field.
• Minimum of five to ten years of experience in environmental management, project/programme administration, management and/or implementation.
• Interest in nature conservation; a strong background in Environmental Impact Assessment processes and Safety, Health and Environment issues would be recommended.
• Additional experience with vegetation management and control would be a distinct advantage.
• Excellent command of English, including communication, writing and reporting skills.
• Enthusiasm for fieldwork.
• Driver's license (non-negotiable) and ability to drive a 4x4 vehicle.
• Namibian citizenship or permanent residence.

Other Skills and Competencies:
• Demonstrated experience in implementing, and coordinating projects.
• Skills in project planning, financing, management and implementation.
• Experience working with government and with donors / international aid agencies.
• Excellent inter-personal skills, including the ability to develop and maintain strong professional relationships at all levels, including with local communities, government agencies, the NGO sector, and the scientific community.
•Report writing skills and communications skills in English. Command of other local languages would be an advantage.

Duty Station
The successful candidates will be based in Windhoek, with a significant amount of travel time in the field.
All applications should be supported with certified documents. Any qualifications obtained outside of Namibia should have an evaluation report from NQA.
Applications should be emailed to applications@nacso.org.na or dropped at the NACSO offices, 7 Rossini Street, Windhoek West.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted, kindly take note that no applications will be returned.


Conservation Leadership Programme Internship

Closing date:

NACSO invites applicants to fill two CLP intern positions. Preference will be given to applicants from marginalised communities or with disabilities.


The applicant should possess the below attributes

  • University level degree (natural resource management, rural development or related fields is desirable);
  • Strong understanding of CBNRM;
  • Strong interest in furthering education; 
  • Drivers’ license (or at least a Learners License) will be an advantage;
  • Computer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) / data management skills;
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills in English;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills;
  • Good administration, time management and organizational skills;
  • Facilitation skills;
  • Ability to pay attention to detail;
  • Ability to manage some independent work;
  • Strong critical thinking skills;
  • Willing to work for long periods in the field, do some menial tasks in the field, work over weekends;
  • Flexibility and adaptability to change; and
  • Be a team player.


The successful candidates will be based in Windhoek, with a significant amount of travel time in the field. 

All applications should be supported with certified documents. Any qualifications obtained outside of Namibia should have an evaluation report from NQA.

Applications should be emailed to officemanager@nacso.org.na or dropped at the NACSO offices, 19 Lossen Street, Ausspanplatz. 

For more information please contact Tuna Angula on 061 239 945, 

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted, kindly take note that no applications will be returned. 

Closing date: 3 December 2023, at 17:00

Kindly Note that this is a paid two-year internship, with medical aid and social security.


Terms of Reference: Facilitate establishment and operationalisation of NACSO Training Academy / CBNRM Training Institute / Civil Society Training Institute

Closing date:


The idea of setting up the NACSO Training Academy/ CBNRM Training Institute/ Civil Society Training Institute has come a long way. In 2020, a consultancy laying the foundation for this work was conducted with the following tasks: 

1. Develop and finalise NACSO Training Academy Articles of Association with input from the NACSO members. 

2. Explore legal advice in terms of an appropriate legal status for registration 

3. Closely liaise with the consultant doing accreditation to ensure the processes although parallel are harmonised. 

4. Facilitate the application for registration of the NACSO Training Academy with the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s Small Medium Enterprise (MITSME) development as required for any company registration. 

5. Develop business and financial sustainability plan for the NACSO Training Academy. 


There is an urgency to continue this work and advance the idea of the training facility. Especially, but not only, the CBNRM sector is in need to formalize training opportunities for conservancy members, NACSO staff and partner organisations. Especially with the Namibia for Life (N4L project moving forward with a scheme to support Conservancies for delivering the activites required for staying compliant with the Namibian law, as well as the Leading the Change (LtC) 2 project underway, supporting civil society capacity building, it is timely to continue this important work. 


WWF Namibia is supporting this important work and facilitates the consultancy contracting of a suitable individual or team of individuals to conduct this work. 

Follow-up tasks (activities and deliverables)

1. The first priority is determining the feasibility of establishing a partnership with UNAM and/or NUST as the outcomes of such discussions would drive other things regarding the Competency Standards and the establishment of a training institute. 

2. Key aspects to be clarified amongst other would entail: Would the partners (UNAM/ NUST) take over all training and assessment for the core and specialist training areas, just the core, or which areas? The answers would point to the magnitude and needs of any institute (if needed) and drive the development of a sustainable business plan and operationalising the institute. 

3. Specific opportunities with the Community Conservation Hub including the regional satellites (NW & NE - IRDNC; NC - NDT) emerging should be ideated and presented in an innovative multi-partner concept.

4. Prepare the NQF submissions for the Conservancy Manager qualifications 

5. Provide assistance with registration of institute with NCHE or NTA and Accreditation, as agreed to with key partners 

6. Advice on development of Business Plan etc 

7. Once core planning is drafted, then the application processes can be initiated, and the core documentation needed assembled and provided to the appropriate agency. At the same time, the Standards and Qualifications can be polished (are the Competency Standards or Unit Standards, for example) and submissions for NQF Registration can proceed with the NQA directly or indirectly (eg NTA to NQA 

8. Throughout the process ensure socialisation of concepts with key stakeholders and especially within NACSO partners; at all times apply a consultative approach and provide regular feedback to relevant partners.


This process will help us answer several important questions and pave a way forward including on the following:


1. Does the entity register with NCHE (who are presently working on new, minimum standards for institutions) and/or NTA? Is the focus of the institute higher education (ie includes above NQF Level 5/6) or TVET (up to Level 5/6)? 

2. Will the institute do more than Conservancy-related training and or for the broader civil society? A phase / staggered approach could be considered? 

3. The legal status of the institute, its relationship to NACSO, etc

4. Financial sustainability 

5. Core staffing – functions and responsibilities 

6. Operations for staffing, premises and equipment, scheduling of courses, recruiting trainees, etc (see attached for detailed requirement areas) 

7. Explore Regional Centres in North Central, Kunene and Zambezi and how to operationalise the Training from the Community Conservation Hub and other possible innovative partnerships arrangements 

8. Facilitate dialogues amongst NACSO and the Broader CBNRM stakeholders to ensure a greater understanding and buy in 

9. Include and dovetail with the development of a training plan for NACSO staff and partner organisations.


Some Expected Deliverables

1. Clear guidance on options for registration with NCHE , NTA 

2. Conservancy Manager and Game Guard Qualifications submitted for registration

3. Institute applied for registration / and or and or Partnership forged with UNAM / NUST 

4. Business Plan and Sustainability Plan is developed for the operationalisation of the Training Institute

5. An ideation of integrating elements of the Training Facility with the envisioned Regional Centres as part of the overall Community Conservation Hub model 

6. First elements of a NACSO staff and partners training plan to be delivered at the CC Hub (including training needs survey) 


Estimated level of effort approx. 30 days 


The work should be completed between October to December 2023. 


Please express your interest and submit your resume and brief proposal to reception@wwf.na by 9 October 2023.


The Nyae Nyae Development Foundation of Namibia


Closing date:


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The Nyae Nyae Development Foundation of Namibia is a NGO supporting San communities in the Nyae Nyae and N≠a Jaqna Conservancies. We are looking for a committed, competent and dynamic person to join our team as a field officer. The field officer will focus on governance support, inclusive participation and community development. We are looking for a person with great interpersonal and communication skills, has experience working with communities, can work independently and as part of a team, has the ability to adapt, and is willing and able to live and work in a remote area. 

Duty station: The field officer will be based in Tsumkwe area.

Educational background: Diploma in community development, social sciences or similar

Working Experience: Experience in community work and in particular working with conservancies, San communities and development projects

Additional skills: Drivers license, computer skills (Excel, Word and Powerpoint), and organisational skills. Project administration, data collection and report writing skills will be added advantages.  

Women and members of marginalized communities are encouraged to apply

If you are interested and capable to become an NNDFN field officer, please send an email to nndfn@iafrica.com.na latest by Friday 21 July 2023.

The email should have a short motivational letter indicating why you think you are the right candidate, your relevant working experience, educational background, your language and additional skills, references, and an updated CV.