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Ai-Ais Hot Springs

Ai-Ais Hot Springs

Also a Transfrontier Conservation Area, the park includes the Fish River Canyon.

Proclaimed: 1968
Location: South-West Namibia on the Fish River, bordering South Africa

Natural features: Mountainous terrain in the west all the way to the Orange River, which forms the southern boundary between Namibia and South Africa, and /Ai-/Ais and Richtersveld National Parks. The Fish River Canyon dominates in the eastern section of the park. One hundred and sixty kilometres long, up to 27 kilometres wide, and with a depth of up to 550 metres, the Fish River Canyon is a spectacular natural phenomenon that took over 600 million years to evolve.

Vegetation: Succulent Karoo and Nama Karoo Biome. Vegetation type: Desert/Dwarf Shrub Transition, Succulent Steppe, Dwarf Shrub Savannah, KarasDwarf Shrubland.

Wildlife: Hartmann’s mountain zebra, klipspringer, kudu, leopard, brown hyaena, grey rhebok (rare). The 202 bird species recorded in the park include little bittern, black stork, black harrier, malachite sunbird and African pied wagtail.

Tourism: Hiking. Birding. Spa retreats. Fish River Hiking Trail through Namibia Wildlife Resorts.