Nepal and Namibia share CBNRM Experiences

Exchange visit

The CBNRM programme in Namibia has a proud conservation record. It was developed and is run by rural communities living in communal areas, with assistance from the MET (Ministry of Environment and Tourism), NACSO (Namibia Association of CBNRM Support Organisations) and partner organisations.

Every year, NACSO plays host to visitors from other countries’ governmental and non-governmental organisations that come to learn about the CBNRM (Community Based Natural Resources Management) programme in Namibia. The visits are an advantage to both parties, because Namibia also learns about conservation practices in other parts of the world. Over the past few years, NACSO has hosted visitors from Mozambique, Nepal, Uganda and Tanzania.

Early in March 2019, NACSO hosted a group of government officials from Nepal, who came to share CBNRM experiences and specifically to understand the approach adopted by Namibia to encourage community-based tourism.