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  • CBNRM practitioners at the wildlife monitoring, quota setting and adaptive management meeting

    Natural resources management activities remain a core priority for the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET), conservation communities and support organisations.

  • South African delegates with Bamunu conservancy committee and staff members

    A group of South African delegates from various governmental conservation organizations; Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries, South African National Parks, South Africa National...

  • Black rhinos are listed as endangered and this is mainly as a result of poaching for their horns.

  • The average person eats and drinks a coat hanger worth of plastic every month, according to the World Wildlife Fund. On average we consume five grams of plastic every week - the equivalent of a...

  • The United States of America Ambassador to Namibia - Lisa Johnson, together with the Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism (MET)- Hon.

  • On Friday 20 September millions of young people worldwide, joined by business people, NGOs and individuals who care for the environment marched for action to combat climate change.

  • The rivers of Africa were once common resources for people, not borders between them.

  • A burning question

  • The 2019 CITES meeting taking place in Geneva from 17 to 28 August is concerned with the extinction of species, and so is this web site.

  • Judy Melekie and Hilde Nathinge

    In the past it was seen as a taboo for a woman to speak out in public or be in a leadership position, but times have changed; women are taking the lead in various sectors.


    It has been 23 years since the NACSO concept was conceived.

  • Camera trap photo of elephant

    Habitat and wildlife are critical resources that contribute to the economic and social wellbeing of communities and nations.

  • Conservancy chairpersons and managers, with MET and NGOs CBNRM officals

    On 17-18 July 2019, conservancys' chairpersons, managers and CBNRM officials from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and conservancy support organisations gathered in Otjiwarongo, for the the...

  • CCFN's interaction meeting

    “It is my pleasure to invite you to a brief get together on behalf of the Community Conservation Fund of Namibia (CCFN) in the NACSO boardroom,” said Tapiwa Makiwa, CEO of the Community...

  • Fire: the biggest danger to forests

    In a week in which research showed that “forest restoration isn’t just one of our climate change solutions, it is overwhelmingly the top one,” it was appropriate that the Namibian Ministry of...

  • Workshop participants

    “This is the third year that we are coming together to sharpen up conservancies to comply”, said Bennett Kahuure, Deputy Director of Parks and Wildlife at the MET, who opened the Good Governance...

  • Francois Theart with zebra snake

    Five million people are bitten by snakes every year. Half of those bites are venomous, and as many as 200,000 people die as a result, with a further 400,000 disabled. So snakes are dangerous.

  • The Combatting Wildlife Crime Project (CWCP) in Namibia, seeks to counter growing threats from transnational wildlife crime to globally important populations of rhino and elephant in Namibia.

  • Silver award for the Communal Conservation stand

    The Community Conservation stand at Tourism Expo is usually one of Expo’s most inspired exhibits, and this year the MET, NACSO and two of its members, IRDNC, and TOSCO combined forces with CCFN to...

  • Preparations are under way, come and meet the community conservation team at the Namibia Tourism Expo from 05-08 June 2019.


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