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  • Picture courtesy of Neil Jacobsohn

    Book review of An Arid Eden written by Garth Owen-Smith

  • Far from Kunene

    Hilga, female conservancy manager at ≠Khoadi-// Hoâs Conservancy, visited Beijing to attend the prestigious World Travel and Tourism Council’s ‘Tourism for Tomorrow’ awards . The conservancy deals...

  • Joglinde Uibasen conservancy manager

    Joglinde – young female conservancy manager at Uibasen Conservancy.

  • Sakkie Haufiku: assistant manager at Twyfelfontein Country Lodge

  • Somebody once joked: "If it's Tuesday it must be Belgium," referring to an American tourist bus 'doing' Europe. On Tuesday 03.05.2011 (the camera records the date exactly) it was Twyfelfontein in...


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