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  • We all love dogs (well, some of us do), and the African Wild Dog Lycaon pictus is fast becoming a “must see” for visitors to the KAZA area: the largest conservation area in Africa.

  • Lianshulu lodge  could hardly be better situated, inside Mudumu National Park and on the Bank of the River Kwando.

  • Memory Shakoi grew up on the shores of the Kwando river in Zambia. She says growing up the Imusho district, in a village across the border from Namibia’s Kwando conservancy, poaching was rife.

  • FIVE countries gathered at the northeastern tip of Namibia in the Caprivi region today to officially launch the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA TFCA).

  • The five partner countries at the helm of the Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation area (KAZA TFCA) believe that one of the key drivers for development in the area is tourism.

  • The Minister of Environment and Tourism, Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, says rural communities were able to generate about N$50 million and over 200 permanent jobs through the Community Based Natural...

  • The lodge is perched on top of the Grootberg Pass with stunning panoramas. But to say the least, it is isolated.

  • Every six months the Caprivi communal conservancies get together to discuss future plans, which include tourism and the joint venture lodges run in partnership between conservancies and private...

  • Growing up in the lush river bound landscape of the Caprivi region it is inevitable that many young Caprivians dream of making a life based on their natural surroundings.

  • Carlo Josupeit, a ‘WWF Protector'

    You don’t have to be rich to help out in conservation. That’s the message from Carlo Josupeit, who is a ‘WWF Protector’.

  • It was silent in the bush. The Ju/’hoan San hunter blew into some grass in his hand as the dozen tourists around him held their breath.

  • It’s a fair bet that most people have heard about Yellowstone National Park, in the USA, famous for its grizzly bears. If you live near there, and want to find real adventure, you come to …..

  • One of a series of articles presenting elders who are respected in the community and support conservation.

  • Pop singer TeQuila performs at Tourism Expo

  • One of a series of articles presenting elders who are respected in the community and support conservation

  • Mudumu National Park offers woodland, water and wildlife, just a few minutes away from some of Caprivi's premier lodges – and there are three simple campsites in the park if you really want to get...

  • One of a series of articles presenting elders who are respected in the community and support conservation.

  • Chilli is the farmer’s secret weapon in the battle to reap the harvest.

  • Who cares about borders? When a veterinary fence was erected to separate ‘Bushmanland ’, as it was known in Namibia, from Botswana in the last century, it was necessary to put up ladders so that...

  • Jenny Mubita walks 30 minutes to the trial plot to till the land before the sun gets too hot. It's hard work digging holes in the sandy soil, but last year she saw the bumper harvest that other...


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