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  • Wild boars in Berlin

    In Namibia we tend to believe that Europe has lost all of its wildlife, and it nearly did. But that’s set to change thanks to an initiative called Rewilding Europe.

  • NAPHA founder Volker Grellmann

    Participants from Kunene conservancies and the Kyaramacan Association learn from legendary hunter Volker Grellmann how to set up a hunting operator’s business.

  • Hilga Gowises outside the ≠Khoadi-//Hôas office

    Interviews with Leading Women in Conservation – Hilga, manager at ≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy.

  • Selvia !Hoaes, Chairperson at Sorris Sorris Conservancy

    Interviews with Leading Women in Conservation – Selvia, Chairperson at Sorris Sorris Conservancy. "Committee members must always remember that the community elected us to work for them, and not...

  • Abilio Kiwilepo, professional hunter, working in Torra Conservancy

    The Namibia communal conservancy movement is regarded by many as a globally leading community conservation initiative.

  • MC

    Everybody should have a chance to star.

  • Christopher Muswalali has a bible handy. He’s a lay preacher and sub-induna in Sikweke, one of the many small villages you pass by on the way to Zambezi’s top tourist lodges.

  • Maggie Vriess sits between two worlds. The village of Vrede, a small hamlet on the gravel road between Khorixas and Palmwag, and the jet-set world of international tourism.

  • Tending her pumpkins and maize, despite her age and the fierce sun, Rosa is a tough lady.

  • The Sikunga Conservancy patrol boat makes fast on the bank of a Zambezi river channel and the fish guards bring in an illegal fishing net.

  • The chitenge is a single piece of large, colourful fabric, usually worn as a wrap-around dress, and is traditionally a mandatory piece of clothing for women in Namibia’s Zambezi Region....

  • The Adventure Travel World Summit took place in Namibia in October this year and Namibia was awarded the WWF Gift to the Earth.

  • Africa is plagued with stories of failed conservation and bad news. Yet, in the wake of this depressing news, Namibia – a relatively young country in southern Africa – has received the prestigious...

  • Tomorrow! The day after the second issue of In Season, Windhoek will be hosting the Adventure Travel World Summit – the first time the summit has come to Africa – putting Namibia firmly on the top...

  • Karl Sooabeb is a game guard. It’s a responsible position at Doro !nawas Conservancy, in the hot plain west of Khorixas, Kunene Region.

  • Parliament Gardens, Namibia. 26 October. The purple blossoms of the tall Jacaranda trees were falling on the grass, the stage, and the delegates gathered for the opening of the tenth Adventure...

  • “We are all animals,” declared Minister of Foreign Affairs Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, to rapturous applause at the Adventure Travel World Summit in Swakopmund, and as ex-Minister of Environment and...

  • Delegates and travel writers from around the world descended on Swakopmund on Monday to begin the tenth Adventure Travel World Summit and a party in the desert.

  • Sheya Shuushona is a maze of sandy tracks to the north of Etosha.

  • A buzzard circled low and then landed on the flood plain, and Neville told a story from the Dreamtime. Neville Poelina is an Aboriginal Australian who runs his own tour company.


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