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  • In a press release from the Intergroup "Biodiversity, Hunting, Countryside", the European Member of Parliament Karl-Heinz Florenz, President of the Intergroup, reports that over 80% of MEPs have...

  • Trophy hunting, or conservation hunting, as promoted in Namibia, has become a major debate globally with many people, especially animal rights groups, wishing to see an end to the practice.

  • NACSO welcomes Mekondjo Hitila and Annastasia Naiteta

    The two year Conservation Leadership Programme began in 2012 with the initiative to train young enthusiastic Namibian graduates to become future leaders in the Community Based Natural Resource...

  • Dominic Machili lost another cow to a lion

    If there was an Oscar for community conservation, then Salambala might be up for an award. Best Conservancy, perhaps?

  • Thikundja Ndando is an old man, blind in one eye. His language is Khwedam, one of the Bushman languages spoken in Namibia.

  • It was a bit like sitting in school with a grumpy teacher asking tough questions.

    “How many elephants?” “Three.”

    “Are you sure? What is written in the book, three or four?”

  • Zatrick Mbanga hippo attack

    Farmer Zatrick Mbanga greets you by tapping his right arm with his left hand, which he then extends for you to shake. He can’t give you his right hand. The arm was bitten off by a hippo. Human-...

  • It was the middle of the night when farmer Dominic Machili heard the dogs barking near the cattle kraal. He ran out with a friend who had a gun, fearful of another lion attack. Last week lions...

  • When the rains come to Namibia's north east, the elephants move to drier areas. This picture was snapped by Steve Felton close to Divundu, in Bwabwata National Park.

  • Britain’s Prince William, like his brother Harry and other royals, takes a keen interest in conservation. His father, the Duke of Edinburgh, was President of the WWF from 1981 to 1996.

  • The elephants did not charge, luckily!

    Every time we travel to a new place to visit, for fun or do a bit of work, we come back with memories, those we share or keep to ourselves. Here is my story, a tale I gathered while counting...

  • Photo by Markus Mauthe

    This portrait was taken by German photographer Markus Mauthe on a recent trip to Namibia. Mauthe came to Namibia to discover people living in harmony with their surroundings. He had heard about...

  • Chief Mayuni

    With the death of two lions in Zimbabwe, hunting has been on the front pages internationally. What does hunting mean for Namibia? According to Chief Mayuni, the patron of Mayuni Conservancy and...

  • Lions in the wild – for how long?

    Simon Jenkins, Guardian columnist discusses South Africa’s wildlife ranching, sustainable hunting, and conservation

  • Chief Mayuni with producer Jürgen Schneider. Photo © NACSO/WWF in Namibia

    Chief Mayuni talks to German TV (Deutsche Welle) about hunting and conservation, and to hunter Falko Schwartz

  • Conservancies battle it out under the Grootberg mountain

    ≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy football & netball tournament raises N$28,000 for conservation youth programme.

  • Memory Ganuses: Assistant Manager at Grootberg Lodge

    As the sun sets and casts dramatic shadows across the Klip River, a tourist couple is greeted by Memory Ganuses, the assistant manager, who runs day to day operations at Grootberg Lodge. They are...

  • Werêldsend

    The Kunene communal conservancies have recently attracted strong criticism for their perceived lack of wildlife management.

  • Pastor Gustaph Tjiundukamba

    As Chairman of the Kunene Regional Conservancy Association and as a conservationist, it is my duty to respond to the article written by Chris Bakkes in the Namibian on 23 March, in which he says...

  • John Kasaona

    John Kasaona, Director of IRDNC, addresses the issues of hunting and poaching: I was born in a village outside Sesfontein, one of the remotest parts of Namibia. I grew up having daily encounters...


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