Wildlife Ranger Challenge

Erwin Muhongi
Erwin Muhongi

Save the Rhino Trust has been awarded an emergency relief funding by The Wildlife Ranger Challenge to combat the immediate threat to operations posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.The continental-wide collapse of wildlife tourism caused by the pandemic has eliminated an essential funding stream for wildlife protection. This threatens to undo years of rangers’ conservation gains, compromising decades of development and conservation work across Africa.

On 3 October SRT will take place in a pan-African virtual race uniting ranger teams across the continent to raise money to support the thousands of rangers affected by the pandemic and the iconic African wildlife they protect. “I became a tracker to protect nature from being misused, to stop poaching and to allow animals to roam freely without fear”, says Erwin Muhongi. Meet the rest of the brave team that will take part in this 21-half marathon.

Help to share this with your social media follower and help us mobilize as much support as possible. Supporters around the world are encouraged to run in solidarity with them on October 3rd 2020.

Register here: https://wildliferangerchallenge.org/virtual-race/. Donate here:


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