Be the earth’s valentine

Roses aside, world statistics indicate that celebrating love with chocolate, greeting cards, and jewelry often wrapped in polythene bags leaves a wake of environmental destruction that is not so romantic. According to Hallmark Channel an American pay television cable channel, 141 million greeting cards are bought ahead of Valentine’s Day. Unsurprisingly, most of them end up in dustbins, which leads to more wasted energy and pollution, even if they are recycled. How about we do things differently this year and show our love for the earth and nature by having a green valentine.

Join WWF Uganda is celebrating a green valentine this year. Rita Samanya Kyategeka, the Fundraising, Partnership and Communications Manager at WWF Uganda, says choosing to go green is a more earth and environmentally- friendly route which makes a statement about love for each other and the planet you call home. She suggests that lovers can choose to give each other potted organic plants which are fresh. She said that cut flowers will smell lovely and look beautiful and will really make you feel special. However, they have a very short shelf life. If on Valentine’s Day you give that special person a potted plant, it will stay forever. “The fresh plant will possess all of the elegance and tenderness of Valentine's Day flowers and even more.  Like any worthwhile relationship, a potted plant requires some work. Giving someone a potted plant obligates a gift recipient to take care of a living, breathing thing,” Kyategeka said.

According to David Duli, the Country Director of WWF Uganda, planting a tree and naming it after your lover can be another option. He suggests that you plant an ornamental or fruit tree in your compound and name it after your lover. Every other Valentine’s Day, you will look at this tree and celebrate how much your love has grown. If you are not ready for a tree or you have nowhere to plant it, you can opt for a plant. And, if you still want to see beautiful flowers, visit a botanical garden together.

He further advises lovers to show their love by gifting each other an item that will not pollute the environment. “Remember that a polluted environment is a health risk to your loved one. Guarantee good health by planting a tree together, taking a nature walk or gifting them with a potted plant to keep the environment around them fresh,” he said.

Wear green on 14 February in support of going green this valentines and make environmentally friendly decisions to show your love for the earth and your loved ones. Happy Green Valentines day.
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