News 2019

  • NACSO's 18th Annual General Meeting took place on January 31 and was chaired by Ronny Dempers, the Director of NACSO member organisation the Namibia Development Trust. NACSO brings together NGOs...

  • Chobe River Lodge

    The year 2018 brought good rains to Zambezi region. Some areas were flooded, including the road to Chobe River Lodge.

  • Pineas Kasaona

    Anabeb conservancy, situated in Kunene region, is surrounded by mountains with beautiful shades of brown and sparse mopane trees, but due to the lack of rain over the past few years the area is...

  • Hilma Angula, NACSO Institutional Development Working Group Coordinator

    As might be expected for someone taking up a new position, Hilma Angula had just arrived early for the NACSO Annual General Meeting, which was to be held in the organisation’s boardroom in early...


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