News 2019

  • Francois Theart with zebra snake

    Five million people are bitten by snakes every year. Half of those bites are venomous, and as many as 200,000 people die as a result, with a further 400,000 disabled. So snakes are dangerous.

  • The Combatting Wildlife Crime Project (CWCP) in Namibia, seeks to counter growing threats from transnational wildlife crime to globally important populations of rhino and elephant in Namibia.

  • Silver award for the Communal Conservation stand

    The Community Conservation stand at Tourism Expo is usually one of Expo’s most inspired exhibits, and this year the MET, NACSO and two of its members, IRDNC, and TOSCO combined forces with CCFN to...

  • Preparations are under way, come and meet the community conservation team at the Namibia Tourism Expo from 05-08 June 2019.

  • CA farmers and farm instructors in Kale village, Zambia

    From the 18 to 20 March 2019, 30 Namibian Conservation Agriculture (CA) farmers had an exchange visit to the WWF CA Project in Zambia, in the Sesheke District.

  • Mighty  Ugwanga and Milton Mushindi

    NACSO is excited about the two new young and enthusiastic interns under the Donald Hamer Conservation Leadership Programme.

  • Conservancy representatives planning for the game counts

    In Wereldsend, a research campsite located in the rugged Kunene region of northwest Namibia, conservancy representatives from Kunene and Erongo Regions met from 29-30 April, to organise logistics...

  • Chief Tsamkxao ≠Oma receives the award from CIC President George Aman

    Namibia’s oldest conservancy, Nyae Nyae, was awarded the prestigious Edmond Blanc Prize at the Safari Court Hotel on 4 May.

  • Drought and erosion in Namibia

    WWF has launched a new initiative called Climate Crowd, an initiative that brings together and supports a network of partners to gather data on how climate change is impacting people and nature,...

  • Nepal officials

    Early in March 2019, NACSO and partner organisation, the Namibia Nature Foundation hosted a group of government officials from Nepal, who came to learn about CBNRM (Community Based Natural...

  • Participants at the WWF KAZA meeting

    The Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation area, to give the KAZA TFCA its full name, is as large as France and covers parts of Angola, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe, with Namibia’s Zambezi...

  • SunCycles team handing over the E-bikes to conservancy game guards, manager  and chairperson

    In March 2019, the SunCycles team travelled to Wuparo conservancy, in Zambezi region, to deliver two E-Bikes and conduct training with a selected number of conservancy members.

  • Photo: Helga Burger

    Saturday March 30 was Earth Hour, when we are encouraged to think about something that should be on our minds all the time: our environment.

  • NDT Director, Ronny Dempers

    This is the year when the Namibia Development Trust celebrates 30 years of strengthening organisations in rural communities. As the NDT looks back on its past, it also looks forward to the future...

  • Chobe River, Serondela lodge, Tour guide, Benito Siyeta on a boat cruise

    "The boat is easy, I learnt it in an hour," says Benito. We are on a cruise up the Chobe River looking for hippos – we have already seen the elephants just across the river from Serondela lodge...

  • Field visitors' group picture

    “The atmosphere of openness is just impressive”, said Vicky Lee Wallgren, Director of Forests and Wildlife from WWF Sweden, at a debriefing meeting in Windhoek, after returning from a week-long...

  • Sir Brilliant, Chairperson of the Kwandu conservancy speaking at the Conservancy Regional Association workshop, held at NACSO

    The bulletins highlight significant work accomplished by NACSO in 2018. Much of the work we do contribute to Namibia’s National Development Plan and many international conventions that Namibia is...

  • Workshop participants

    On the 12 of February, twenty two participants attended a regional judiciary and prosecutor workshop in Windhoek, Namibia, as part of the USAID-funded Combatting Wildlife Crime Project in north...

  • Game guards during the NRM audit

    Once again, it is the beginning of the year and after the holiday we take it that everyone has rested enough and ready to start off with the new year.

  • The Government of Nepal’s Ministry of Forests and Environment, in partnership with the World Bank, hosted a conference last month to showcase a series of global case studies on how tourism can be...


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