Young african leaders in conservation

Monika Shikongo
Monika Shikongo

The WWF Annual Conference took place last week in Livingstone, Zambia. It was a milestone event for African conservation, and for Zambia; the first time that WWF has held its annual conference on the first continent, and the continent where wildlife still roams free, but is in the balance.

The conference dealt with how WWF will deal with the conservation challenges of the future, and to that end it invited five young African leaders to meet the delegates, and to inspire them with their achievements. The conference also wanted to recognize that young people are vital if conservation goals are to be achieved.

One of the five selected from the continent was Monika Shikongo, Warden for Environmental Education at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in Namibia. Monika graduated from the ranks of the rangers to become the first woman to run a Namibian national park: Bwabwata, and together with the other African youth leaders she addressed the WWF Annual Conference with strength and sincerity.

You can listen to a sample of the views of young African leaders in the short video YOUNG VOICES AT VIC FALLS

The five young people were privileged to meet Yolanda Kakabadse, President of WWF, and other conservation leaders during the conference and at a reception where the National Dance Troupe of Zambia performed.

Last word from Yolada Kakabadse: “the youth inspired the conference”.

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