Real life – not television

You may have seen many posts calling for conservationists to Save the Lions and Save the Elephants, and if you saw Thursday’s Namibian Newspaper, June 2, you may have read Free to Roam – Free to Kill, an article that places the cost of lions in context: the context of farmers who live with wildlife every day – not just on safari, and the scientific context of habitat.

At NACSO we know this is a complex issue. We work with communities, conservation organizations and wildlife scientists, and with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. Top of the agenda is human-wildlife conflict: the real cost of living with wildlife.

Check out Free to Roam – Free to Kill and NACSO films How Namibian Conservancies Handle Human Wildlife Conflict and Keep Namibia’s Wildlife. If you are on Facebook, send us feedback. We value your engagement!

Steve Felton
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