News 2013

  • “ Grootberg Lodge is the only place in Namibia where you can sit with binoculars and watch Black Eagles from above,” says Danie.

  • Je m'apelle Mariane, or: ich heisse Mariane.

  • To see a lion in the wild is one of the great moments in nature – arguably worth many sightings in national parks, however natural the parks may be. How often have you heard the conversation:

  • There you are, in one of the great game parks of Africa, and the gates close at sunset. Fortunately Namibia Wildlife Resorts have come up with an innovative solution: night game drives.

  • Florence has just come in from ploughing the maize field with oxen. It is December and the rains are gathering.

  • Everybody knows that Bushmen are the best trackers, so it comes as a surprise to find a white South African down on his hands and knees teaching a Khwe San how to read the signs in the sand.


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