Chris Bakkes: End of the game

Nyae Nyae Conservancy Profile Poster 2008

Nyae Nyae Conservancy Profile Brochure 2012

Conservancy profile

It's not a game; it's our lives

Tsiseb Conservancy

Sobbe Conservancy

Ondjou Conservancy

Sheya Shuushona Conservancy

Muduva Nyangana Conservancy

Joseph Mbambangandu Conservancy

Kwandu Conservancy

African Wild Dog Conservancy

Sesfontein Conservancy

Okamatapati Conservancy

Marienfluss Conservancy

Puros Conservancy

Oskop Conservancy

Ozonahi Conservancy

//Huab Conservancy

Otjituuo Conservancy

Shamungwa Conservancy

Kunene River Conservancy

Ohungu Conservancy

Impalila Conservancy

#Gaingu Conservancy

Anabeb Conservancy

Salambala Conservancy

Otjimboyo Conservancy

//Gamaseb Conservancy

Okangundumba Conservancy

Orupembe Conservancy

≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy

Omatendeka Conservancy

Doro !nawas Conservancy

!Khob !Naub Conservancy

Ozondundu Conservancy

Kasika Conservancy

George Mukoya Conservancy

Torra Conservancy

Uibasen Twyfelfontein Conservancy

Uukwaluudhi Conservancy

!Gawachab Conservancy

King Nehale Conservancy

Mashi Conservancy

Nyae Nyae Conservancy

Balyerwa Conservancy

Otjambangu Conservancy

Sanitatas Conservancy

Mayuni Conservancy

N#a-Jaqna Conservancy

//Audi Conservancy

Sorris Sorris Conservancy

Uukolonkadhi-Ruacana Conservancy

Ehi-Rovipuka Conservancy

Okondjombo Conservancy

Eiseb Conservancy

!Han/Awab Conservancy

Ovitoto Conservancy

Wuparo Conservancy

Okongo Conservancy

Sikunga Conservancy

Dzoti Conservancy

Huibes Conservancy

!Khoro !Goreb Conservancy

Kabulabula Conservancy

Bamunu Conservancy

Omuramba Ua Mbinda Conservancy

Orupupa Conservancy

Otjombinde Conservancy

Otjitanda Conservancy

Okongoro Conservancy

Otjombande Conservancy

Ongongo Conservancy

Ombujokanguindi Conservancy

Otuzemba Conservancy

Otjiu-West Conservancy

Iipumbu ya Tshilongo Conservancy

Okatjandja Kozomenje Conservancy

Ombazu Conservancy

Okanguati Conservancy

Epupa Conservancy

Otjikondavirongo Conservancy

Etanga Conservancy

Lusese Conservancy

Ombombo Conservancy

Nakabolelwa Conservancy

African Wild Dog Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

African Wild Dog Conservancy Profile Map 2017

Anabeb Conservancy Profile Map 2017

Anabeb 2009

//Audi Conservancy Profile Map 2017

Doro !nawas Conservancy Profile Brochure 2012

Ehi-Rovipuka Conservancy Profile Brochure 2012

Impalila Conservancy Profile Brochure 2012

≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy Profile Brochure 2012

King Nehale Conservancy Profile Brochure 2012

Marienfluss Conservancy Profile Brochure 2012

Puros Conservancy Profile Brochure 2012

Sesfontein Conservancy Profile Brochure 2012

Sorris Sorris Conservancy Profile Brochure 2012

Sheya Shuushona Conservancy Profile Brochure 2012

Torra Conservancy Profile Brochure 2012

Doro !nawas Conservancy Profile Map 2009

Doro !nawas Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Dzoti Conservancy Profile Map 2017

Ehi-Rovipuka Conservancy Profile Map 2017

Ehi-Rovipuka Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Eiseb Conservancy Profile Map 2017

#Gaingu Conservancy Profile Map 2009

#Gaingu Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

//Gamaseb Conservancy Profile Map 2017

//Gamaseb 2009

!Gawachab Conservancy Profile Map 2017

!Gawachab Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

George Mukoya Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

George Mukoya Logo 2009

George Mukoya Conservancy Profile Map 2017

//Huab Conservancy Profile Map 2017

//Huab Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Huibes Conservancy Profile Map 2017

Impalila Conservancy Profile Map 2017

Impalila Logo 2000

Joseph Mbambangandu Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Joseph Mbambangandu Logo 2009

Joseph Mbambangandu Map Conservancy Profile 2017

Kasika Logo 2009

≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy Profile Brochure 2010

≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy Profile Map 2009

≠Khoadi-//Hôas Logo 2009

!Khob !Naub Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

!Khob !Naub Conservancy Profile Map 2017

King Nehale Conservancy Profile Map 2017

King Nehale Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Kunene River Conservancy Profile Map 2019

Kwandu Conservancy Profile Map 2017

Kwandu Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Kwandu Logo 2009

Marienfluss Conservancy Profile Map 2019

Marienfluss Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Mashi Conservancy Profile Map 2017

Mashi Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Mayuni Conservancy Profile Map 2017

Mayuni Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Mayuni Logo 2009

Muduva Nyangana Conservancy Profile Map 2019

Muduva Nyangana Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Muduva Nyangana Logo 2009

N#a-Jaqna 2009

Nyae Nyae Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Nyae Nyae Conservancy Profile Map 2019

Ohungu Conservancy Profile Map 2019

Okamatapati Conservancy Profile Map 2019

Okamatapati Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Okangundumba Conservancy Profile Map 2009

Okangundumba Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Okondjombo Conservancy Profile Map 2010

Okongo Conservancy Profile Map 2010

Omatendeka Conservancy Profile Map 2009

Omatendeka Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Ondjou Conservancy Profile Map 2009

Orupembe Conservancy Profile Map 2009

Orupembe Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Oskop Conservancy Profile Map 2009

Oskop Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Otjambangu Conservancy Profile Map 2010

Otjimboyo Conservancy Profile Map 2009

Otjimboyo Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Otjituuo Conservancy Profile Map 2019

Otjituuo Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Ovitoto Conservancy Profile Map 2010

Ozonahi Conservancy Profile Map 2009

Ozonahi Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Ozondundu Conservancy Profile Map 2009

Ozondundu Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Doro !nawas Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

Doro !nawas Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

Ehi-Rovipuka Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

Ehi-Rovipuka Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

Impalila Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

Impalila Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

King Nehale Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

King Nehale Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

Marienfluss Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

Marienfluss Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

Nyae Nyae Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

Nyae Nyae Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

Puros Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

Puros Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

Sesfontein Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

Sesfontein Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

Sesfontein Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

Sheya Shuushona Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

Sheya Shuushona Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

Sorris Sorris Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

Torra Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

Torra Conservancy Profile Poster 2012

Puros Conservancy Profile Map 2009

Puros Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Salambala Conservancy Profile Map 2017

Salambala Conservancy Profile Poster 2016

Salambala Logo 2009

Sanitatas Conservancy Profile Map 2009

Sanitatas Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Sesfontein Conservancy Profile Map 2009

Sesfontein Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Shamungwa Conservancy Profile Map 2009

Shamungwa Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Sheya Shuushona Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Sheya Shuushona Conservancy Profile Map 2009

Sheya Shuushona Conservancy Profile Brochure 2010

Sikunga Conservancy Profile Map 2016

Sobbe Conservancy Profile Map 2017

Sorris Sorris Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Sorris Sorris Conservancy Profile Map 2009

Torra Conservancy Profile Map 2009

Torra Conservancy Profile Brochure 2009

Torra Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Tsiseb Conservancy Profile Map 2009

Tsiseb Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Uibasen Twyfelfontein Conservancy Profile Map 2009

Uibasen Twyfelfontein Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Uukolonkadhi-Ruacana Conservancy Profile Map 2009

Uukolonkadhi-Ruacana Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Uukwaluudhi Conservancy Profile Map 2009

Uukwaluudhi Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Wuparo Conservancy Profile Map 2017

Wuparo Conservancy Profile Poster 2009

Conservation and Conservancies Overview

Local Development Specialist: Land Cover Mapping for Greenhouse Gas inventory Project Evaluation

Proposal Writer

Consultancy to Establish a UNEP-WCMC Programme of Work in Support of UNEP’s Strategic Presence in Southern Africa

Training young Namibians on the energy sector – sustainable options to meet Namibia’s rising energy demand

Opportunities archive

NACSO Director - Ms. Maxi Pia Louis

Natural Resources Working Group Co-ordinator - Rosalia Ileka

Centre for Research Information Action in Africa Southern African Development and Consulting

Desert Research Foundation of Namibia

Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation

Legal Assistance Centre

Multi-disciplinary Research Centre and Consultancy

Namibia Development Trust

Namibia Nature Foundation

Namibia Non-Governmental Organisation Forum

Nyae Nyae Development Foundation of Namibia

Omba Arts Trust

The Rössing Foundation

Rural People's Institute for Social Empowerment

Save the Rhino Trust

Welwitschia Development Trust

World Wildlife Fund in Namibia

Kunene Regional Community Conservancy Association

Otjozondjupa Regional Conservancy Association

Namibian Environment and Wildlife Society

Annie Symonds

Dhyani Berger

Anna Davis

Brian Jones

Hendrika Skei

Carol Murphy


Game count preparation

Constitution and Strategic Plan

Constitution 2002

Strategic Plan 2011

Mission and history

Scholarship Opportunity: Chevening Scholarships in Namibia

Chief Mayuni talks about hunting

Chief Mayuni Interview

ebike to work

Only in Namibia

Setting the Standard

Community Associations

Community Forests

Sample photos from www.conservationphotographynamibia.com

State of Community Conservation 2013

Tourism Supporting Conservation

Kavango Regional Conservancy Association


Business, Enterprise and Livelihoods Working Group

Institutional Development Working Group

Natural Resources Working Group

Working groups

Working groups footer text

State of Community Conservation 2012

State of Community Conservation 2011

State of Community Conservation 2010

State of Community Conservation 2009

State of Community Conservation 2008

State of Community Conservation 2007

State of Community Conservation figures and tables 2006

State of Community Conservation figures and tables 2005

NACSO structure header text

Cheetah Conservation Fund

Tourism concessions

National Parks

Freehold conservancies

Registered Communal Conservancies

Bukalo Community Forest

Masida Community Forest

Cuma Community Forest

Gcwatjinga Community Forest

George Mukoya Community Forest

Hans Kanyinga Community Forest

Kahenge Community Forest

Katope Community Forest

Kwandu Community Forest

Likwaterera Community Forest

Lubuta Community Forest

Marienfluss Community Forest

Mbeyo Community Forest

Mkata Community Forest

Muduva Nyangana Community Forest

Ncamagoro Community Forest

Ncaute Community Forest

Ncumcara Community Forest

Nyae Nyae Community Forest

Ohepi Community Forest

Okondjombo Community Forest

Okongo Community Forest

Omufitu Wekuta Community Forest

Orupembe Community Forest

Oshaampula Community Forest

Otjiu-West Community Forest

Puros Community Forest

Sachona Community Forest

Sanitatas Community Forest

Sikanjabuka Community Forest

Uukolonkadhi Community Forest

Zilitene Community Forest

Ai-Ais Hot Springs

Cape Cross Seal Reserve

Daan Viljoen Game Park

Dorob National Park

Etosha National Park

Gross Barmen Hot Springs

Hardap Recreation Resort

Khaudum National Park

Nkasa Rupara National Park

Mangetti National Park

Marine Protected Area

Mudumu National Park

Namib-Naukluft Park

Naute Recreation Resort

Popa Game Park

Skeleton Coast Park

Sperrgebiet National Park

Von Bach Recreation Resort

Waterberg Plateau Park

Kyaramacan Association




Skeleton Coast

Namib Sky Ballooning

Klein Aus Vista


Freehold conservancies

Bwabwata National Park

Poaching of Rhino in the Omusati Region

Sorris Sorris is a Conservancy on the Move!

Beautiful Lady

The Guardians

Pride of Namibia - a Revolution in Conservation

For the love of Elephants

Complete news archive

Complete press release archive

KAZA Map 2015

Conservancies given Concessions in State PAs in NW Map 2015

Trophy hunting makes conservation possible. An interview with Chief Mayuni

The Hunting Debate

Winning smiles at Grootberg Lodge

Kunene CRA meeting to improve conservancy governance

Hunting and the Cost of Living with Wildlife

European ‘rewilding’ group learns from Namibian conservation

Hunting operator’s training course taught by Volker Grellmann

Leading Women in Conservation – Hilga ≠Gawises

Leading Women in Conservation – Selvia !Hoaes

The Growth and Future of Hunting In Communal Conservancies

≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy tournament raises funds for conservation youth programme

Namibian conservation wins CIC Markhor Award

Statement regarding elephant and rhino poaching in Namibia, by NACSO

North-Central Game count 2014

North-West Game Count 2014

Zambezi Game Count 2014

South Game Count 2014

Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area

Transfrontier conservation areas

/Ai/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park

NACSO meeting

Joint Venture workshop

Chairpersons' Forum

Elephants in Mudumu National Park

North east game count

Doro !nawas conservancy staff

Uibasen staff member

Nyae Nyae game guard


Kyaramacan Association

Elephants in Zambezi region

Mundu Kapinga, Kyaramacan Association game guard in Bwabwata National Park


Tracking at Desert Rhino Camp


KAZA Wild Dog seminar

At the launch of KAZA [photo on: Transboundary conservation areas]

Okavango sunset

TBNRM Forums Map 2015

Scary wildlife count in North East Namibia



Donald Hamer Conservation Leadership Programme

GIS manager - Katharina Dierkes

Regional Ministry of Environment and Tourism Offices

GIS data

State of Community Conservation figures and tables 2013

State of Community Conservation figures and tables 2012

State of Community Conservation figures and tables 2011

Funding Partners

Hunting partners

Tourism partners

Government Agency Partners

Conservancy Registration Process


Conservation and Hunting






Camp Chobe

Damaraland Camp

Marienfluss view

Sheya Shuushona Lodge

Tourism creates jobs

Viewing elephants

A bright future

Building on tradition

Community benefits

Employment in tourism

Local democracy

Wildlife has increased

Wildlife stewards

Women's empowerment

Sustainable Tourism REI Adventures and Namibian Game Guards

North West Game Count 2015

Zambezi Game Count 2015

Khaudum North Complex Game Count 2015

Nyae Nyae and N#a-Jaqna full moon waterhole counts 2015

North Central Game Count 2015

South Game Count 2015

State of Community Conservation 2014

African Wild Dog Annual audit 2014

Anabeb Annual audit 2014

//Audi Annual audit 2014

Balyerwa Annual audit 2014

Doro !nawas Annual audit 2014

Dzoti Annual audit 2014

Ehi-Rovipuka Annual audit 2014

Eiseb Annual audit 2014

Epupa Annual audit 2014

Etanga Annual audit 2014

#Gaingu Annual audit 2014

//Gamaseb Annual audit 2014

George Mukoya Annual audit 2014

!Han/Awab Annual audit 2014

//Huab Annual audit 2014

Huibes Annual audit 2014

Iipumbu ya Tshilongo Annual audit 2014

Impalila Annual audit 2014

Joseph Mbambangandu Annual audit 2014

Kabulabula Annual audit 2014

Kasika Annual audit 2014

≠Khoadi-//Hôas Annual audit 2014

!Khob !Naub Annual audit 2014

!Khoro !Goreb Annual audit 2014

King Nehale Annual audit 2014

Kunene River Annual audit 2014

Kwandu Annual audit 2014

Lusese Annual audit 2014

Marienfluss Annual audit 2014

Mashi Annual audit 2014

Mayuni Annual audit 2014

Muduva Nyangana Annual audit 2014

N#a-Jaqna Annual audit 2014

Nakabolelwa Annual audit 2014

Nyae Nyae Annual audit 2014

Ohungu Annual audit 2014

Okamatapati Annual audit 2014

Okanguati Annual audit 2014

Okangundumba Annual audit 2014

Okatjandja Kozomenje Annual audit 2014

Okondjombo Annual audit 2014

Okongo Annual audit 2014

Okongoro Annual audit 2014

Omatendeka Annual audit 2014

Ombazu Annual audit 2014

Ombombo Annual audit 2014

Ombujokanguindi Annual audit 2014

Omuramba Ua Mbinda Annual audit 2014

Ondjou Annual audit 2014

Ongongo Annual audit 2014

Orupembe Annual audit 2014

Orupupa Annual audit 2014

Oskop Annual audit 2014

Otjambangu Annual audit 2014

Otjikondavirongo Annual audit 2014

Otjimboyo Annual audit 2014

Otjitanda Annual audit 2014

Otjituuo Annual audit 2014

Otjiu-West Annual audit 2014

Otjombande Annual audit 2014

Otjombinde Annual audit 2014

Otuzemba Annual audit 2014

Ovitoto Annual audit 2014

Ozonahi Annual audit 2014

Ozondundu Annual audit 2014

Puros Annual audit 2014

Salambala Annual audit 2014

Sanitatas Annual audit 2014

Sesfontein Annual audit 2014

Shamungwa Annual audit 2014

Sheya Shuushona Annual audit 2014

Sikunga Annual audit 2014

Sobbe Annual audit 2014

Sorris Sorris Annual audit 2014

Torra Annual audit 2014

Tsiseb Annual audit 2014

Uibasen Twyfelfontein Annual audit 2014

Uukolonkadhi-Ruacana Annual audit 2014

Uukwaluudhi Annual audit 2014

Wuparo Annual audit 2014

Kyaramacan Association Annual audit 2014

#Gaingu Gazette 2004

African Wild Dog Gazette 2005

Anabeb Gazette 2003

//Audi Gazette 2006

Balyerwa Gazette 2006

Bamunu Gazette 2011

Doro !nawas Gazette 1999

Ehi-Rovipuka Gazette 2001

Eiseb Gazette 2009

Etanga Gazette 2013

//Gamaseb Gazette 2003

!Gawachab Gazette 2005

George Mukoya Gazette 2005

!Han/Awab Gazette 2008

//Huab Gazette 2003

Iipumbu ya Tshilongo Gazette 2012

Impalila Gazette 2005

Joseph Mbambangandu Gazette 2004

Kasika Gazette 2005

≠Khoadi-//Hôas Gazette 1998

!Khob !Naub Gazette 2003

King Nehale Gazette 2005

Kunene River Gazette 2006

Kwandu Gazette 1999

Lusese Gazette 2014

Marienfluss Gazette 2001

Mashi Gazette 2003

Mayuni Gazette 1999

Muduva Nyangana Gazette 2005

N#a-Jaqna Gazette 2003

Nakabolelwa Gazette 2014

Nyae Nyae Gazette 1998

Ohungu Gazette 2006

Okamatapati Gazette 2005

Okanguati Gazette 2012

Okangundumba Gazette 2003

Okatjandja Kozomenje Gazette 2012

Okondjombo Gazette 2008

Okongo Gazette 2009

Omatendeka Gazette 2003

Ombazu Gazette 2012

Ombombo Gazette 2014

Omuramba Ua Mbinda Gazette 2011

Ondjou Gazette 2006

Orupembe Gazette 2003

Orupupa Gazette 2011

Oskop Gazette 2001

Otjambangu Gazette 2009

Otjikondavirongo Gazette 2013

Otjimboyo Gazette 2003

Otjitanda Gazette 2011

Otjituuo Gazette 2005

Otjiu-West Gazette 2012

Otjombinde Gazette 2011

Ovitoto Gazette 2008

Ozonahi Gazette 2005

Ozondundu Gazette 2003

Puros Gazette 2000

Salambala Gazette 1998

Sanitatas Gazette 2003

Sesfontein Gazette 2003

Shamungwa Gazette 2005

Sheya Shuushona Gazette 2005

Sikunga Gazette 2009

Sobbe Gazette 2006

Dzoti Gazette 2009

Epupa Gazette 2012

Huibes Gazette 2009

Sorris Sorris Gazette 2001

Torra Gazette 1998

Tsiseb Gazette 2001

Uibasen Twyfelfontein Gazette 1999

Uukolonkadhi-Ruacana Gazette 2005

Uukwaluudhi Gazette 2003

Wuparo Gazette 1999

Summary table of gazette numbers for all registered conservancies

1.01 Constitution Development and Revision

1.02 AGM Management

1.03 Management Committee Training

1.04 Stakeholder Communication and Relationship Management

1.05 Social and Gender Awareness

1.06 Public Speaking and Presentation

1.07 Policy and Legislation

1.08 Financial Management

1.09 Distribution Planning and Benefit Sharing

1.10 Conservancy Management Plan Development

1.11 Staff Management

1.12 Project Management

2.00a Basic Business

2.00b Tourism Awareness

2.01 Joint Venture Tourism Development

2.02 Tourism Enterprise and Products

3.01 Event Book System

3.02 Game Count

3.03 Game Value

3.04 Quota Setting

3.05 Game Utilisation

3.06 Human Wildlife Conflict

3.07 Management Planning and Zoning

3.08 Wildlife Biology and Behaviour

3.09 Law Enforcement

3.10 Natural Resource Management

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Kasika Conservancy Profile Map 2017

Chobe Savannah Lodge

Zambezi Queen

Chobe Water Villas

Garth Owen-Smith honoured with lifetime achievement award

Caution: elephants crossing!

Balyerwa Conservancy Profile Map 2017

The cost of lions in Zambezi

Twyfelfontein tour guide


The human cost of wildlife

Leading Women in Conservation – Joglinde


An Arid Eden Review

Environmental Education Intern/Volunteer

NACSO supports GRN stance on hunting

Conservancy ladies tackle the Brandberg

Namibia’s conservation in the world news

Making a killing, making a living

The elephants are coming

Grootberg Rhino Track

Searching for Verity

The Evolution of The Namibia Nature Foundation’s Growing Contribution to Conservation

NNF empowers communities in Caprivi

Bild Poaching


A warm smile in Caprivi

A deal made in paradise

Lions in the balance

Namibia’s communal conservancies have it all

TEKOA, a teaching beyond….

A marriage in a wetland paradise

Namibia’s game counts in the news

Communities the key ingredient to KAZA tourism

From Poachers To Protectors: How Tourism Is Inspiring Community-Based Conservation In Namibia

The lady with the gun

More maize AND more elephants

A little chilli with your maize cob?

Botswana means business

Chief Mayuni on the World Adventure Travel Summit

Mudumu: Namibia's hidden jewel

TeQuila – Pop Patriot to sing at Tourism Expo

Chief Tsamkxao of the Ju/’hoansi San

Namibian baby rhino beats Yellowstone grizzlies hands down

Induna Samupwa Mukolufu

Living Village keeps San culture alive

WWF protector

Moving in the right direction

IRDNC bi-annual meeting

Grootberg Lodge

CBNRM Uplifts Rural Communities

Five countries join hands in conservation and development

Communities the key ingredient to KAZA tourism

Together everyone wins

Guide training

A Himba Funeral

Namibia wins Markhor Award for its Communal Conservancy Programme

Let the dogs run free

Transfrontier conservation in Southern Africa

Elephant Energy

School in the sand

Crafting a living in Caprivi

Night drive in Etosha

Lions at the end of the world

A waitress with a future

Grootberg Lodge prize

Indigenous Natural Products

Trophy Hunting

Hippo has the last laugh

Janet Matota - Rural revolutionary

Scientist and conservationist John Ledger returns to Kunene


Women in tourism - Josephine Awares

Smile please!

WWF Gift to the Earth to Namibia awarded by Chief Emeka Anyaoku

Joining up the jigsaw - Almost half of Namibia under conservation

Farmer Jacobus

A brother from another mother

The King and the Chief

Soundbites from the Moon Landscape

Minister's speech

ATWS opening

Game guard assessment

In Season ATWS

Communal conservancies: Namibia's gift to the earth

More than a party in the desert

The versatile chitenge— new vibrancy for traditional baskets

Fish protection


A shining Star in Kunene

Helping elephants to forget


“When hunting stops here we will die of hunger”

How an Event Book powers Namibian Conservation

How Namibian Conservancies handle Human Wildlife Conflict

Quiver tree, Ai-Ais-Richtersveld

Victoria Falls, KAZA

The road to Iona

Australia Awards Scholarships

NACSO supports Zambezi Governor's stance on hunting

Salambala in the limelight

NRWG Conservation Support Technician - Dave Ward

Site guidelines

New Interns, New Beginnings

Latest statistics on Conservation areas in Namibia 2017

Conservancies map A4

Conservancies map A3

Conservancies map A1

With one voice

Hard questions for conservancies

Europe together with Africa on Hunting

BBC highlights elephants in Namibia

Southern conservancies share MET award

Communal conservancies at 2016 Tourism expo

Keeping Namibia’s wildlife on the land

Keep Namibia's Wildlife

Real life – not television

!Han /Awab Conservancy Profile Map 2017

Young african leaders in conservation

Young voices at Vic Falls

Namibian CBNRM programme showcased at the ACP-EU-JPA

Home page quotes

Tourism Concessions on state land workshop

Be a citizen scientist and help to conserve carnivores

World Giraffe Day

Harambee for African World Heritage

Torra conservancy assists its farmers

Bamunu Conservancy Profile Map 2017

Kabulabula Conservancy Profile Map 2017

Lusese Conservancy Profile Map 2017

Nakabolelwa Conservancy Profile Map 2017

Epupa Conservancy Profile Map 2017

Etanga Conservancy Profile Map 2017

Iipumbu ya Tshilongo Conservancy Profile Map 2017

!Khoro !Goreb Conservancy Profile Map 2017

Okatjandja Kozomenje Conservancy Profile Map

Okanguati Conservancy Profile Map 2019

Okongoro Conservancy Profile Map

Ombazu Conservancy Profile Map

Ombombo Conservancy Profile Map

Ombujokanguindi Conservancy Profile Map

Omuramba ua Mbinda Conservancy Profile Map 2019

Ongongo Conservancy Profile Map

Orupupa Conservancy Profile Map 2016

Otjikondavirongo Conservancy Profile Map 2016

Otjitanda Conservancy Profile Map

Otjiu-West Conservancy Profile Map

Otjombande Conservancy Profile Map

Otjombinde Conservancy Profile Map 2019

Otuzemba Conservancy Profile Map

African Wild Dog Annual audit 2015

Anabeb Annual audit 2015

//Audi Annual audit 2015

Balyerwa Annual audit 2015

Bamunu Annual audit 2015

Doro !nawas Annual audit 2015

Dzoti Annual audit 2015

Ehi-Rovipuka Annual audit 2015

Eiseb Annual audit 2015

Epupa Annual audit 2015

Etanga Annual audit 2015

#Gaingu Annual audit 2015

//Gamaseb Annual audit 2015

George Mukoya Annual audit 2015

Iipumbu ya Tshilongo Annual audit 2015

Impalila Annual audit 2015

Kabulabula Annual audit 2015

Kasika Annual audit 2015

≠Khoadi-//Hôas Annual audit 2015

!Khoro !Goreb Annual audit 2015

King Nehale Annual audit 2015

Kunene River Annual audit 2015

Kwandu Annual audit 2015

Lusese Annual audit 2015

Marienfluss Annual audit 2015

Mashi Annual audit 2015

Mayuni Annual audit 2015

Muduva Nyangana Annual audit 2015

N#a-Jaqna Annual audit 2015

Nakabolelwa Annual audit 2015

Nyae Nyae Annual audit 2015

Ohungu Annual audit 2015

Okamatapati Annual audit 2015

Okanguati Annual audit 2015

Okangundumba Annual audit 2015

Okatjandja Kozomenje Annual audit 2015

Okondjombo Annual audit 2015

Okongo Annual audit 2015

Okongoro Annual audit 2015

Omatendeka Annual audit 2015

Ombazu Annual audit 2015

Ombombo Annual audit 2015

Ombujokanguindi Annual audit 2015

Ondjou Annual audit 2015

Ongongo Annual audit 2015

Orupembe Annual audit 2015

Orupupa Annual audit 2015

Otjambangu Annual audit 2015

Otjikondavirongo Annual audit 2015

Otjimboyo Annual audit 2015

Otjitanda Annual audit 2015

Otjituuo Annual audit 2015

Otjiu-West Annual audit 2015

Otjombande Annual audit 2015

Otuzemba Annual audit 2015

Ozonahi Annual audit 2015

Ozondundu Annual audit 2015

Puros Annual audit 2015

Salambala Annual audit 2015

Sanitatas Annual audit 2015

Sesfontein Annual audit 2015

Sheya Shuushona Annual audit 2015

Sikunga Annual audit 2015

Sobbe Annual audit 2015

Sorris Sorris Annual audit 2015

Torra Annual audit 2015

Tsiseb Annual audit 2015

Uibasen Twyfelfontein Annual audit 2015

Uukolonkadhi-Ruacana Annual audit 2015

Uukwaluudhi Annual audit 2015

Wuparo Annual audit 2015

A golden harvest

Desert oranges for the elephants

State of Community Conservation figures and tables 2014

Women treasurers on the way up

Life with buffalos and elephants

Southern Kunene Regional Association

Technical Director/Chief Operations Officer

Wildlife-Livestock Integration Field Facilitator

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Change Climate Change Now!

Welcome to the new look NACSO site!

Getting Financed: 9 tips for community joint ventures in tourism

Gobabeb Training and Research Internship Programme (GTRIP) 2017

Talking about hunting 02

Talking about hunting 03

Talking about hunting 04

Talking about hunting 05

Say it loud and clear

Hunting: traditional, essential and sustainable, OR evil and should be banned?

Business, Enterprise and Livelihoods Working Group Co-ordinator - Richard Diggle

Institutional Development Working Group Co-ordinator - Hilma Angula

North West Game Count 2016

North-Central Game Count 2016

South Game Count 2016

Expression of interest to serve on the Board of Trustees

Taking the road less travelled

Preparation for wildlife utilisation quota setting

Zambezi Game Count 2016

CITES Parties Recognize Importance of Hunting for Conservation

CITES COP17 - Namibia Standing up for Conservation

Riemvasmaker festival keeps traditions alive in the wilderness

Kavango East Game Count 2016

Nyae Nyae and N#a-Jaqna Full moon Waterhole Counts 2016

The Cycling Game Ranger

KAZA Symposium

Enterprise at Bamunu conservancy

NACOPAC forum on wildlife management

The state of KAZA

Building an elephant economy

State of Community Conservation 2015

State of Community Conservation figures and tables 2015

Who pays for wildlife?

Time to plough

Welcome to 2017

Namibia at CITES

Conservancies Annual audit overview statistics 1999-2016

Government gazette review on inland fisheries

Salvaging scavengers and scaling down illegal trade

Project Manager

Know before you go / Ask before you buy

Managing with experience

New faces at NACSO

Zambezi conservancies share ideas

Maxi Louis on 99fm: Supporting the Communities to Protect Namibian Wildlife

Dashboard shows full speed ahead for tourism in Zambezi

Human Wildlife Conflict – the Hot Potato

Ecological and Community Based Research Manager

Ecologist / Conservation Scientist

The MYD Show – We Are Because of One Another, with Maxi Louis

Human-Lion Conflict mitigation in the Mudumu Complexes, Zambezi Region, Namibia.

Pride in lions: pride in reducing human wildlife conflict

Life outside the park

Solar Power for Earth Hour

Solar Power for Earth Hour

A tribute to Raymond Kwenani

Kavango conservancies get new offices

Sustainable Wildlife Utilization Resource Officer

North Central Game Count data up to 2017

South Game Count data up to 2017

North West Game Count data up to 2017

Communal Conservancy Side Tracks

Conservancies refute claims by Parliamentary Standing Committee

Pathways Africa 2018 Applications

NACSO update 2017/05

NACSO Members Updates

Combatting Wildlife Trafficking Project Launched in Namibia

Programme Officer – Conservation

Tourism Expo 2017: Got Credit?

And the winner is...


Pioneering Community Partnerships - The story of Damaraland Camp and the Torra Conservancy

Pioneering Community Partnerships

Strengthening North Central Conservancy Regional Associations

Conservation lands under threat

NACSO intern looks at Sustainable use and livelihoods

Notice for Concession Tenders

Nature Conservation Amendment law and new fines for admission of guilt

Raising the risks for poachers

Meeting of conservancy chairpersons

Conservation in need of support

Maurus Nekaro Gazette 2017

Maurus Nekaro Conservancy

Conservation Areas map A3

Call for expressions of interest from suitably qualified individuals for inclusion in the NACSO technical and scientific pool of consultants database under the community-based natural resource management programme

Africa chills in Namibia

Working together and moving forward

Executive Director: KAZA TFCA Secretariat

Tourism day prepares for take-off

One goal, one passion – rhino conservation

African Wild Dog Annual audit 2016

Anabeb Annual audit 2016

//Audi Annual audit 2016

Bamunu Annual audit 2016

Balyerwa Annual audit 2016

Doro !nawas Annual audit 2016

Dzoti Annual audit 2016

Ehi-Rovipuka Annual audit 2016

Eiseb Annual audit 2016

Epupa Annual audit 2016

Etanga Annual audit 2016

//Gamaseb Annual audit 2016

George Mukoya Annual audit 2016

!Han/Awab Annual audit 2016

//Huab Annual audit 2016

Huibes Annual audit 2016

Impalila Annual audit 2016

Joseph Mbambangandu Annual audit 2016

Kabulabula Annual audit 2016

Kasika Annual audit 2016

≠Khoadi-//Hôas Annual audit 2016

!Khob !Naub Annual audit 2016

!Khoro !Goreb Annual audit 2016

King Nehale Annual audit 2016

Kunene River Annual audit 2016

Kwandu Annual audit 2016

Kyaramacan Association Annual audit 2016

Iipumbu ya Tshilongo Annual audit 2016

Lusese Annual audit 2016

Marienfluss Annual audit 2016

Mashi Annual audit 2016

Mayuni Annual audit 2016

Muduva Nyangana Annual audit 2016

N#a-Jaqna Annual audit 2016

Nakabolelwa Annual audit 2016

Nyae Nyae Annual audit 2016

Ohungu Annual audit 2016

Okamatapati Annual audit 2016

Okanguati Annual audit 2016

Okangundumba Annual audit 2016

Okatjandja Kozomenje Annual audit 2016

Okondjombo Annual audit 2016

Okongo Annual audit 2016

Okongoro Annual audit 2016

Omatendeka Annual audit 2016

Ombazu Annual audit 2016

Ombombo Annual audit 2016

Ombujokanguindi Annual audit 2016

Omuramba Ua Mbinda Annual audit 2016

Ondjou Annual audit 2016

Ongongo Annual audit 2016

Orupembe Annual audit 2016

Orupupa Annual audit 2016

Oskop Annual audit 2016

Otjambangu Annual audit 2016

Otjikondavirongo Annual audit 2016

Otjimboyo Annual audit 2016

Otjitanda Annual audit 2016

Otjituuo Annual audit 2016

Otjiu-West Annual audit 2016

Otjombande Annual audit 2016

Otjombinde Annual audit 2016

Otuzemba Annual audit 2016

Ozonahi Annual audit 2016

Ozondundu Annual audit 2016

Puros Annual audit 2016

Salambala Annual audit 2016

Sanitatas Annual audit 2016

Sesfontein Annual audit 2016

Sheya Shuushona Annual audit 2016

Sikunga Annual audit 2016

Sobbe Annual audit 2016

Sorris Sorris Annual audit 2016

Torra Annual audit 2016

Tsiseb Annual audit 2016

Uibasen Twyfelfontein Annual audit 2016

Uukolonkadhi-Ruacana Annual audit 2016

Uukwaluudhi Annual audit 2016

Wuparo Annual audit 2016

All in for rhinos

Hardap Game Count 2017

North-Central Game Count 2017

South Game Count 2017

North West Game Count 2017

NACSO update 2017/09


Kavango East Game Count 2017

Summer Drylands Programme (SDP) 2017/2018

The right pick – Women in conservation

Cheetah genetics

Greenwell Matongo

Masters in Conservation Leadership

Conservation Leadership: Hilma

KAZA on show

Adaptive Management Officer - Herman Aindongo

The machine to inspire change

State of Community Conservation 2016

Nyae Nyae Conservancy Full Moon Waterhole Counts 2017

Zambezi Game Count 2017

Statement on the recent incident where 86 goats and sheep were killed by lions in Kunene region

Grass roots democracy in Torra

Conservancies map A4

Ecologist / Conservation Scientist

CITES needs the voice of communities

Funds to manage conflict between lions and local communities

Happy holidays and best wishes for a wonderful new year

State of Community Conservation figures and tables 2016


Conservation Leadership Programme Intern

A Convincing Conservationist

DICE MSc Scholarship

Environmental shepherds going the extra mile in the ≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy

Project Officer

Conservation and Community Outreach Officer - Northwest Namibia

Fuelling Conservancy Regional Associations for effective coordination

Annual conservancy audit – My experience

3.6 Human Wildlife Conflict (HWC) Management

Fish and Chimps in Tanzania

Chief appeals for vigilance against wildlife crime

Lion Ranger training at Wereldsend and Mbokondja

Environmental and Social officer


Earth Hour – Kenya style

A Maasai Conservancy

Pathways Africa 2018 Conference in Namibia - Maxi Louis

CIC Interview- Maxi Louis

Fervent young conservationists

Spring of refreshment for North Central Game Guards

Lessons from the bush

Women for Conservation: A First Step Towards Africa's First People's Park

Tourism Lodge Concession – Hobatere Roadside

Getting conservancy governance back on track



Conserving the world’s fastest cat

Citizen science in Namibia

Atlasing in the Arid Eden

Rhino Pride

Chris Weaver celebrates 25 years with WWF

Coordinator for the Institutional Development Working Group

Counting game in changing times

Tender for Tourism Lodge Concession – Kwando North Lodge Concession inside Bwabwata National Park

Tender Notice for Tourism Lodge Concession – White Sands on the Kavango River inside Bwabwata National Park

Tender for KUISEB DELTA DEVELOPMENT TRUST CONCESSION, traversing rights inside Dorob and Namib Naukluft National Parks

Tender for MUDUMU CAMPSITES CONCESSION inside Mudumu National Park

EIF empowering communities to adapt to climate change

A death in the bush

Call for Proposals for climate change projects officially launched

Conservation mourns the passing of Vitalus Florry

Learning in Namibia

Using indigenous knowledge to adapt to climate change

Human Wildlife Support tackles lions in Kunene


Cheetah Conservation Fund supports farmers to prevent conflict with African Wild Dog

Nursing Nyae Nyae towards the future

Gustaph Tjimuhiva from Uukwaluudhi Conservancy

Kapinga Kamwalye Gazette 2018

Otjindjerese Gazette 2018

Otjikongo Gazette 2018

Kapinga Kamwalye Conservancy

Otjindjerese Conservancy

Otjikongo Conservancy

Youth vow to keep the 5 alive on World Rhino Day

Hunting contracts reviewed

Iona-Skeleton Coast Transfrontier Park

Rhinos 9 – Poachers 0

Project Administrator

New skills for Regional Association


NCE Bursary Fund Now Open

Hardap Game Count 2018

Kavango East Game Count 2018

North-Central Game Count 2018

North West Game Count 2018

South Game Count 2018

Conservancies Annual audit overview statistics 2017

North Central Game Count data 2018

North West Game Count data 2018

South Game Count data 2018

African Wild Dog Annual audit 2017

Anabeb Annual audit 2017

//Audi Annual audit 2017

Balyerwa Annual audit 2017

Bamunu Annual audit 2017

Doro !nawas Annual audit 2017

Dzoti Annual audit 2017

Ehama Annual audit 2017

Ehirovipuka Annual audit 2017

Eiseb Annual audit 2017

Epupa Annual audit 2017

Etanga Annual audit 2017

//Gamaseb Annual audit 2017

Gawachab Annual audit 2017

George Mukoya Annual audit 2017

!Han/Awab Annual audit 2017

//Huab Annual audit 2017

Huibes Annual audit 2017

Impalila Annual audit 2017

Joseph Mbambangandu Annual audit 2017

Kabulabula Annual audit 2017

Kasika Annual audit 2017

≠Khoadi-//Hôas Annual audit 2017

!Khob !Naub Annual audit 2017

!Khoro !Goreb Annual audit 2017

King Nehale Annual audit 2017

Kunene River Annual audit 2017

Kwandu Annual audit 2017

Kyaramacan Annual audit 2017

Lipumbu ya Tshilongo Annual audit 2017

Lusese Annual audit 2017

Marienfluss Annual audit 2017

Mashi Annual audit 2017

Mayuni Annual audit 2017

Muduva Nyangana Annual audit 2017

N#a-Jaqna Annual audit 2017

Nakabolelwa Annual audit 2017

Nyae Nyae Annual audit 2017

Ohungu Annual audit 2017

Okanguati Annual audit 2017

Okangundumba Annual audit 2017

Okatjandja Kozomenje Annual audit 2017

Okondjombo Annual audit 2017

Okongo Annual audit 2017

Okongoro Annual audit 2017

Omatendeka Annual audit 2017

Ombazu Annual audit 2017

Ombombo-Masitu Annual audit 2017

Ombujokanguindi Annual audit 2017

Omuramba ua Mbinda Annual audit 2017

Ondjou Annual audit 2017

Ongongo Annual audit 2017

Orupembe Annual audit 2017

Orupupa Annual audit 2017

Otjambangu Annual audit 2017

Otjikondavirongo Annual audit 2017

Otjimboyo Annual audit 2017

Otjitanda Annual audit 2017

Otjituuo Annual audit 2017

Otjiu-West Annual audit 2017

Otjombande Annual audit 2017

Otjombinde Annual audit 2017

Otuzemba Annual audit 2017

Ozondundu Annual audit 2017

Puros Annual audit 2017

Salambala Annual audit 2017

Sanitatas Annual audit 2017

Sesfontein Annual audit 2017

Sheya Shuushona Annual audit 2017

Sikunga Annual audit 2017

Sobbe Annual audit 2017

Sorris Sorris Annual audit 2017

Torra Annual audit 2017

Tsiseb Annual audit 2017

Uibasen Twyfelfontein Annual audit 2017

Uukolonkadhi Ruacana Annual audit 2017

Uukwaluudhi Annual audit 2017

Wuparo Annual audit 2017

Intelligent and well trained

Safari Club Interview With Namibia's Maxi Pia Louis

Livestock heroes- CCF’S Anatolian Shepherd dogs

Wildlife Credits offsets loss of livestock to lions

Community Voices on IWT: Brisetha Hendricks

State of Community Conservation 2017

State of Community Conservation figures and tables 2017

The Dash

Administration Assistant

Regional Manager – North West

Joining the dots

Asser Ndjitezeua from ≠Khoadi-//Höas Conservancy talks about conservation benefits

Reporting on the conservation climate

Once upon a time – just a dream

Expressions of interest from NACSO implementing partners to document at least two case studies of equitable benefits distribution

Expressions of interest from NACSO implementing partners to identify and implement conservancy member engagement tools

No age limit in conserving natural resources

Sharing the Chobe with the world

NACSO AGM progress and challenges


Namibian community-based tourism on show in Nepal

Maxi Louis, NACSO and Liz Curtis, Distell on 99fm: Amarula is joining forces with Wildlife Credits

Conservancy integrated annual audits kick off in Zambezi region

No boundaries


NACSO 2018 Highlights

NACSO update 2018/12

WWF Sweden visits Namibian conservancies

Omuramba Ua Umbinda Community Forest

Ondjou Community Forest

Otjituuo Community Forest

Otjombinde Community Forest

Otshiku-ShiIthilonde Community Forest

African Wild Dog Community Forest

Ehi-Rovipuka Community Forest

Eiseb Community Forest

N=/=a Jaqna Community Forest

Omundaungilo Community Forest

Epukiro Community Forest

Learning on the job

Technical Coordinator – Wildlife Crimes; and Translator (Portuguese & English

Celebrating conservation footprints

Saving trees: Earth Hour and beyond

E-bikes for Wildlife Protection

The future for KAZA

Tourism Campsite Concession – Sukses

Tourism Campsite Concession – Sukses

Nepal and Namibia share CBNRM experiences

PhD in Welwitschia eco-hydrology

Centre stage in wildlife conservation

Intelligent and well trained

It's not only about lions

Joining the dots

No boundaries

Poacher to Leader

Rhinos 9 - Poachers 0

SMART work in Zambia

A haircut in Sangwali

Benefits in Bamunu

Fish for Sobbe

Learning on the job

Self help in Sikunga

What nature gives us

Complete picture story archive

Climate Crowd

Project Manager


The elephants and the ladies

Award for Nyae Nyae

Donald Hamer Conservation Leadership Programme Intern - Milton Mushindi

Donald Hamer Conservation Leadership Programme Intern - Mighty Ugwanga

New system for wildlife conservation

Welcome to the team

Namibian and Zambian farmers adapt to Climate Change with Conservation Agriculture

Tourism Expo is here!

Inspired, Authentic, Unforgettable

Cold weather caused in Europe by changes to the Gulf Stream

Carbon in the atmosphere increases sharply for seventh year

Mammals on the ‘Edge’ – Evolutionary Distinct and Globally Endangered

Record high logging in Brazil

Wilderness areas being sold off for development

Insectageddon: the mass extinction of insects threatens humans

Micro plastics from bottles ingested by humans

Insect recoveries are possible: the Duke of Burgundy butterfly

Zero waste shopping reduces waste and pollution

Environment Watch

Working together to Combat Wildlife Crime

Canada moves to ban single use plastics

Small scale irrigation using spring water is a climate change adaptation strategy in drought prone Kunene Region

Snakes in Namibia

New attempt to remove plastics from the ocean

New project in Kunene to improve rangeland and ecosystem management practices under conditions of climate change

Survival of natural world hangs in the balance, says wildlife chief

Cars cause pollution and destroy urban spaces

Food from air could save forests

Food created from electricity and air

Greta Thurnberg talks to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Reinforcing good governance in communal conservancies

Nyae Nyae Game Count 2018

One climate crisis disaster happening every week, UN warns

Forests destroyed for soyabean production

Think before buying luxury tissue if you want to save the forests

One football pitch a minute: the pace of deforestation in Brazil

Tree planting has ‘mind blowing’ potential to tacle climat change

Namibian governenment will take strong measures to deal with those who illegally cut down trees

Forest restoration a top priority

Putting heads together for conservation finance

Chairpersons’ Forum deliberates on conservancy financial management

Green Economy Development and Training Coordinator

IUCN red list shows increasing number of species at risk of extinction

Almost 600 plant species have been lost from the wild in the last 250 years

Plants and animals may live for hundreds of years – we have to think in longer timespans

Taking one flight emits more carbon than many people emit on the ground in a year

Electric planes and biofuels may be an answer to flight emissions

In Somalia, the climate emergency is already here

Zero waste shopping in Windhoek

Wildlife Credit for Conservancies


NACSO’S 19th AGM highlights progress and challenges

CITES 19 Namibia Voices

N#a-Jaqna Conservancy Profile Map 2019

Two women leaders

Ethiopia plants 350 million trees in a day

Background global warming makes weather events more severe, damaging marine eco-systems

IPPC report says climate change is reducing the capacity of land to feed people

Environment Watch

Environment Watch

Bonfire in the Amazon: report

Wildfires in the Amazon: Comment

KAZA Communications Manager

Nepal and Namibia share CBNRM Experiences

Transboundary forums

Temperatures in Europe rising rapidly

Las Vegas will become “hellish”

Air conditioning heating the world

Fridays for the Future

Terms of Reference: Gender Learning Review

A march for the rhino

Hardap Game Count 2019

Kavango East Game Count 2019

North-Central Game Count 2019

North West Game Count 2019

South Game Count 2019

Zambezi Game Count 2019

Do you know how much plastic you consume?

Baxu and the giants

Sustainable use of wild species

Climate Strike 20 September

Neighbours share CBNRM experiences

Review of wildlife management and monitoring systems

Sustainable Communities Partnership Manuals

Pesticides cause mass bee deaths

Amazon fires threaten biodiversity

World gravely unprepared for climate change

Join the global call to adapt

Global warming hotspots pass safe limit

More Americans say climate change must be addressed

Each nation must do what it can to save civilization

Climate models predict bigger heat increases

'Plastic' created from fish waste

Greta Thunberg & George Monbiot on solutions

Starvation may force nations to war

Extreme sea laevel rises will happen yearly

Activists worldwide

Wells running dry

Carbon capture is essential

Plastic can be successfully re-used

Scientists warn of "untold suffering"

Scientists have an obligation to warn

New plastic from old

Printed meat can save the land

Conservation Partnerships to Combat Wildlife Crime in Namibia

Youth against pollution Namibia

Insect apocalypse threatens life on earth

Carbon emissions hit record in 2018

Denying the truth doesn't change the facts

New borns face uncertain future

Facing the facts

Cement from sunshine

Goodbye polar bears

Light pollution kills billions of insects

Renewable energy can be stored

Monitoring the mighty matriarchs

Climate heating gases reach new high

A reduction in coal burning

Lion Conservation Field Officer

Country Office Director Namibia

Conservation Hunting in Balyerwa, Dzoti, Sikunga, Impalila, Maurus Nekaro and Khoadi Hoas Conservancies

US to increase fossil fuel use

Oceans running out of oxygen

Victoria Falls runs dry

Catastrophic fires in Australia

Consultancy to conduct mid-term review for the CBNRM-EDA Project implementation

Our new site

Nyae Nyae Game Count 2019

Associate- Southern Africa Portfolio

Manager- Southern Africa Portfolio

Be the earth’s valentine

Community Conservation Fund of Namibia

Programme Manager

Administrative Officer

Expression of interest:To provide a training course on facilitation skills to the CBNRM implementing partners and technical staff in Namibia

Women leaders in Torra conservancy

Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) Internship

Why wildlife conservation should be on your To-Do list

Cluster Coordinator: Bwabwata National Park

Grant projects to enhance conservancy governance

Full scholarship-MSc/PhD degree in the Wildlife Institute (WI)

Conservation Leadership Programme internship opportunities

Best of Africa award

State of Community Conservation 2018

CCF gives emphasis on environmental education

First Annual Rhino Ranger Awards

An African Conservation Hero, Garth Owen-Smith 1944-2020

State of Community Conservation figures and tables 2018

Conservation efforts continue amidst a pandemic

NACSO Covid Operational Guidelines

Airborne anti-poaching operation

CCF establishes Carnivore Conflict field station in eastern Namibia

Wilderness Wildlife Trust combats human-lion conflict


Uibasen Conservancy grants members COVID-19 food relief packages

Game Guard experience on COVID-19

Proud environmental custodian

CCF’s Human-Wildlife Conflict Field Team is Back in Action

30 Giraffes Translocated to Conservancies and National Park

B2Gold supports community-backed rhino conservation efforts

Part-time Director Position

Zambezi Conservancy Biannual meeting

Open Letter: Urgent appeal to enable conservation and uphold human rights in Africa

California may ban African trophies. Africans say that's bad news for animals


Cluster Co-odinator: Kunene Region

Tourism supporting livelihoods

Nyae Nyae Prize

Supporting the Southern Conservancies

Conservation Relief, Recovery & Resilience Facility (CRRRF)

Trophy Hunting with Maxi Louis, Lorna Dax & John Mwilima

Beyond Tourism in Africa innovation challenge

Wildlife Ranger Challenge

Regional Program Coordinator for the Hardap and //Karas regions

Increased Conflict with African Wild Dogs in Eastern Namibia

World Rhino Day Virtual Campaign

World Tourism Day 2020

Terms of Reference: Leading the Change’s Namibia Mid-term Review

New prospects for Huibes and Oskop conservancy



Voices in conservation-Isaac Sililo

WWF Wildlife Program Coordinator

WWF Wildlife Program Coordinator

Voices in conservation-Smith Shikoto

Project Assistant/ Technical Assistant

Project Assistant/ Technical Assistant

Voices in Conservation-Fabian Libanda

Informative and thrilling field experience

Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) Internship


Update of Conservancy Game Management Plans

African Wild Dog annual audit 2018

Anabeb annual audit 2018

Audi annual audit 2018

Balyerwa annual audit 2018

Bamunu annual audit 2018

Doro !nawas annual audit 2018

Dzoti Annual audit 2018

Ehi-Rovipuka Annual audit 2018

Eiseb Annual audit 2018

Epupa annual audit 2018

Etanga annual audit 2018

#Gaingu annual audit 2018

//Gamaseb annual audit 2018

!Gawachab annual audit 2018

George Mukoya annual audit 2018

!Han/Awab annual audit 2018

//Huab annual audit 2018

Huibes annual audit 2018

Iipumbu ya Tshilongo annual audit 2018

Impalila annual audit 2018

Joseph Mbambangandu annual audit 2018

Kabulabula annual audit 2018

Kasika annual audit 2018

≠Khoadi-//Hôas Annual audit 2018

!Khob !Naub Annual audit 2018

!Khoro !Goreb Annual audit 2018

King Nehale Annual audit 2018

Kunene River Annual audit 2018

Kwandu Annual audit 2018

Kyaramacan Annual audit 2018

Lusese Annual audit 2018

Marienfluss Annual audit 2018

Mashi Annual audit 2018

Maurus Nekaro Annual audit 2018

Mayuni Annual audit 2018

Muduva Nyangana Annual audit 2018

N#a-Jaqna Annual audit 2018

Nakabolelwa Annual audit 2018

Nyae Nyae Annual audit 2018

Ohungu Annual audit 2018

Okamatapati Annual audit 2018

Okanguati Annual audit 2018

Okangundumba Annual audit 2018

Okatjandja Kozomenje Annual audit 2018

Okongo Annual audit 2018

Okongoro Annual audit 2018

Okondjombo Annual audit 2018

Omatendeka Annual audit 2018

Ombombo-Masitu Annual audit 2018

Ombujokanguindi Annual audit 2018

Omuramba ua Mbinda Annual audit 2018

Ondjou Annual audit 2018

Ongongo Annual audit 2018

Orupembe Annual audit 2018

Orupupa Annual audit 2018

Oskop Annual audit 2018

Otjambangu Annual audit 2018

Otjikondavirongo Annual audit 2018

Otjikongo Annual audit 2018

Otjimboyo Annual audit 2018

Otjitanda Annual audit 2018

Otjituuo Annual audit 2018

Otjiu-West Annual audit 2018

Otjombande Annual audit 2018

Otjombinde Annual audit 2018

Otuzemba Annual audit 2018

Ozonahi Annual audit 2018

Ozondundu Annual audit 2018

Puros Annual audit 2018

Salambala Annual audit 2018

Sanitatas Annual audit 2018

Sesfontein Annual audit 2018

Sheya Shuushona Annual audit 2018

Sikunga Annual audit 2018

Sobbe Annual audit 2018

Sorris Sorris Annual audit 2018

Torra Annual audit 2018

Tsiseb Annual audit 2018

Uibasen Twyfelfontein Annual audit 2018

Uukwaluudhi Annual audit 2018

Wuparo Annual audit 2018

African Wild Dog annual audit 2019

Anabeb annual audit 2019

//Audi Annual audit 2019

Balyerwa annual audit 2019

Bamunu Annual audit 2019

Doro !nawas Annual audit 2019

Dzoti Annual audit 2019

Ehi-Rovipuka Annual audit 2019

Eiseb Annual audit 2019

Epupa Annual audit 2019

Etanga Annual audit 2019

#Gaingu Annual audit 2019

//Gamaseb Annual audit 2019

!Gawachab Annual audit 2019

George Mukoya Annual audit 2019

!Han/Awab Annual audit 2019

//Huab Annual audit 2019

Huibes Annual audit 2019

Iipumbu ya Tshilongo Annual audit 2019

Impalila Annual audit 2019

Joseph Mbambangandu Annual audit 2019

Kabulabula Annual audit 2019

Kapinga Kamwalye Annual audit 2019

Kasika Annual audit 2019

≠Khoadi-//Hôas Annual audit 2019

!Khob !Naub Annual audit 2019

!Khoro !Goreb Annual audit 2019

King Nehale Annual audit 2019

Kunene River Annual audit 2019

Kwandu Annual audit 2019