Environment Watch: Recent Articles

Environment Watch: Recent Articles

Current and recent articles about climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution - and some solutions, are listed on this page. Select a category and time period or browse the recent list to find articles of interest.

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Climate change

Land and Food

IPPC report says climate change is reducing the capacity of land to feed people (13 August 2019) » Link


Background global warming makes weather events more severe, damaging marine eco-systems (13 August 2019) » Link
In Somalia, the climate emergency is already here (28 July 2019) » Link


Taking one flight emits more carbon than many people emit on the ground in a year (28 July 2019) » Link


Ethiopia plants 350 million trees in a day (13 August 2019) » Link


Zero waste shopping in Windhoek (29 July 2019) » Link


Electric planes and biofuels may be an answer to flight emissions (28 July 2019) » Link
Biodiversity loss


Plants and animals may live for hundreds of years – we have to think in longer timespans (28 July 2019) » Link
Almost 600 plant species have been lost from the wild in the last 250 years (28 July 2019) » Link
IUCN red list shows increasing number of species at risk of extinction (28 July 2019) » Link