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Wuparo Conservancy   

(Means life in Siyeyi)

Registered December 1999
Address P.O. Box 1707, Ngweze
Telephone 066 - 252518
Approximate population 1108
Area (square kilometers) 148
Region Caprivi
Geographical features Originally a floodplain but now a mosaic of woodland and grassland. Average annual rainfall of 600 mm.
Unusual or important features Wuparo lies between the Mudumu and Mamili National Parks.
Major wildlife resources Lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, roan, tsessebe, kudu, duiker, reedbuck, blue wildebeest, warthog.
Management Management Committee of two women and eight men. Executive Committee of six members; staff of seven Community Game Guards, a Manager, a Community Resource Monitor, a Treasurer and a Secretary; wildlife monitoring using annual count on foot and Event Book monitoring system.
Enterprises Wuparo Campsite (community campsite); trophy hunting; crafts; Rupara Environmental Centre.
Support agencies MET, IRDNC (main support NGO), NACOBTA, LAC, WWF In Namibia.
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