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Conservancy profile

Ehi-Rovipuka Conservancy   

(Named after the Otjiherero phrase for 'place of wildlife')

Registered January 2001
Address Ehi-Rovipuka Conservancy, P.O. Box 192, Kamanjab
Telephone 065-276200
Approximate population 1612
Area (square kilometers) 1980
Region Kunene
Geographical features Semi-desert with 250-300 mm average annual rainfall. Savannah woodlands cover the rolling landscape while the river valleyssupport taller trees.
Unusual or important features Ombonde River.
Major wildlife resources Elephant, leopard, lion, cheetah, eland, kudu, duiker, warthog, steenbok, gemsbok, giraffe, springbok, ostrich, mountainzebra.
Management Management Committee of 12 men; Executive Committee of six members; staff of fiveCommunity Game Guards, one Field Officer and one Community Activator; wildlifemonitoring using annual roadbasedcount and Event Book monitoring system.
Enterprises Trophy hunting; own-use hunting.
Support agencies MET, IRDNC (main support NGO), NACOBTA, ICEMA, WWF In Namibia, SRT, ICEMA
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