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State of Conservancy book 2009

Namibia's communal conservancies: a review of progress in 2009

This book, published in November 2010, provides an update on the status of Namibia's conservancies at the end of 2009. High resolution PDF files of the book can be downloaded by clicking the links below.


Front cover [207 kb]
Prelims Prelims, Acknowledgements, Preface and Conservancy Map [1.63 MB]
Chapter 1 Introduction: the growth and adaptability of community conservation [1.20 MB]
Chapter 2 Income, livelihoods and development: the benefits of market-based conservation [1.20 MB]
Chapter 3 Natural resource management: a driver of rural economic growth [6.93 MB]
Chapter 4 Governance and ownership: the benefits of rural democracy [434 kb]
Chapter 5 Challenges and vision: sustaining natural resources for the future [395 kb]
Chapter 6 Profiles: of 59 conservancies, registered in 2009 [16.71 MB]
Back cover [207 kb]

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